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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by ikvat, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    If European Tycoons want to involve more European country into the international scene, it is more than urgent to create a group B tournament.
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    You might be on to something here. What teams are you thinking of? Maybe Romania, Georgia, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Germany?

    If there was a Group B, or second tier 6nations competition, the winner from div 2, should play the team who came last in div 1 and if div 2 wins they they are promoted and div 1 is relegated! Or not...lol. The promotion/relegation system would be an encouraging factor though.
  4. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    Georgie , Roumanie, Portugal, R-Tcheque, Russie, Ukraine

    Your idea about a "match de barrage "(in french) between the first of the B group and the last of the A group is very interesting.
  5. Deano

    Deano Guest

    I think the 6 nations should be made into an annual European tournament. All nations with a rugby team, no matter what level are entered. Basically it should be like a league system. So you can have about 7 leagues all together of 6 teams each. Obviously the top league will be the current 6 nations and the bottom league the worst of the nations.

    To be promoted you must beat bottom of the division above in a play-off match if you finish top (to ensure the better teams stay in the top leagues of course). Eventually we could see the likes of Romania or Georgia improve enough to defeat Italy or Wales if they play them every year in these playoff matches.

    Just an idea of course.

    Without reading the thread in full... but now I have I see someone else already had the idea. However I think it should be done on a larger scale. Every nation has a rugby team, just not enough nations are bothered to try and improve it. This is one way of doing so, by creating a European league system of say 6 or 7 divisions and a chance to always be promoted every year or demoted of course.
  6. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    This is an excellent idea, the playoff between the top team in the lower and bottom team in the higher league is a perfect idea.

    Proberly nothing much would change in the top tier for a while, but it'll gradually get there. Money would be the only obsticle I can see, some of the smaller rugby nations haven't got the finding to travel to other countries to play every year. Being invited into a tourny might force some more funding though?
  7. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    What about all that negative rugby encouraged by relegation?
  8. I'd have no problem with a promotion/relegation playoff from the 6 Nations the the European Nations Cup. As has been said before, the top 6 are quite a bit better than the next groupl but the gap would close over time. The only provision should be that it is done on a two year cycle so every team has a home and away fixture against each other.
  9. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I have always wondered why there isn't a European Championship for European teams. It could happen very 2 years, with the top 10 teams in Europe (England, France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Romania, Georgia, Portugal and Spain etc)

    The top 10 European teams qualify and the others don't. The top 6 teams qualify automatically, but the other teams have to have scheduled round robin to decide which 4 can qualify.

    Teams like Georgia and Romania are good, they just need to be involved more. Look at the football. Since when should Russia beat England or Wales struggle against San Marino?
  10. M Two One

    M Two One Guest

    This is a great idea, I love the prospect of it. Only, I think promotion and relegation would be best to be avoided until it can be proved that a B group can be successful. Once proven successful then promotion and relegation could be introduced without an issue.

    Though for the countries to be involved in a B group, in my opinion we should look at obvious choices like Romania, Georgia, Russia, Spain and Portugal. The last selection can be easily debated IMO.

    Germany would be a good choice, but if they are to be replaced by another prospective team we should also consider Moldova since they are really proving themselves from current results and right behind the Germans in the World ranks. The only issue I have is that they haven't played many matches in their history so far.

    Take a look at overall results from these nations:

    Games won: 192 (57.83%)
    Games lost: 131 (39.46%)
    Games drawn: 9 (2.71%)

    Games won: 53 (58.24%)
    Games lost: 34 (37.36%)
    Games drawn: 4 (4.40%)

    Games won: 40 (53.33%)
    Games lost: 31 (41.33%)
    Games drawn: 4 (5.33%)

    Games won: 121 (49.39%)
    Games lost: 114 (46.53%)
    Games drawn: 10 (4.08%)

    Portugal - only prospective nation with a losing record
    Games won: 77 (43.26%)
    Games lost: 90 (50.56%)
    Games drawn: 11 (6.18%)

    Games won: 59 (53.15%)
    Games lost: 49 (44.14%)
    Games drawn: 3 (2.70%)

    Games won: 26 (61.90%)
    Games lost: 14 (33.33%)
    Games drawn: 2 (4.76%)

    Games won: 32 (50.79%)
    Games lost: 30 (47.62%)
    Games drawn: 1 (1.59%)

    When comparing the final three we have these results:

    Germany vs Moldova
    Games played: 2
    Games won by Germany: 1
    Games won by Moldova: 1
    Games drawn: None
    Largest points for Germany: 27 (18 - 27)
    Largest points for Moldova: 26 (26 - 24)
    Largest winning margin for Germany: 9 (18 - 27)
    Largest winning margin for Moldova: 2 (26 - 24)

    Germany vs Ukraine
    Games played: 5
    Games won by Germany: 2
    Games won by Ukraine: 2
    Games drawn: 1
    Largest points for Germany: 26 (26 - 26)
    Largest points for Ukraine: 26 (26 - 26)
    Largest winning margin for Germany: 8 (14 - 22)
    Largest winning margin for Ukraine: 7 (12 - 19)

    Moldova vs Ukraine
    Games played: 2
    Games won by Moldova: 1
    Games won by Ukraine: 1
    Games drawn: None
    Largest points for Moldova: 17 (16 - 17)
    Largest points for Ukraine: 38 (38 - 0)
    Largest winning margin for Moldova: 1 (16 - 17)
    Largest winning margin for Ukraine: 38 (38 - 0)

    Really, we have a tough decision here since all of them are cut down the middle! Really interesting. Thing is they can of course be seperated by points, but you have to remember that Moldova's losses, particularly that hammering by Ukraine were back when they were still starting up.

  11. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    this already exists except without the promotion to the six nations its called the european nations cup and is played out over a period of 2 years
    Division 1 is: Georgia, Russia, Spain, Romania, Portugal and the Czech Republic
    results so far:
    03-Feb-2007 Romania - Georgia 17 - 20 (6 - 13)
    03-Feb-2007 Portugal - Spain 21 - 18 (10 - 13)
    10-Feb-2007 Spain - Russia 14 - 39 (6 - 13)
    10-Mar-2007 Romania - Spain 50 - 14 (24 - 7)
    17-Mar-2007 Czech Republic - Romania 13 - 46 (7 - 29)
    17-Mar-2007 Spain - Georgia 31 - 17 (9 - 5)
    24-Mar-2007 Georgia - Russia 31 - 12
    07-Apr-2007 Georgia - Czech Republic 98 - 3 (57 - 0)
    21-Apr-2007 Russia - Czech Republic 62 - 6 (29 - 0)
    05-May-2007 Czech Republic - Spain 15 - 42 (10 - 24)
    12-May-2007 Portugal - Russia 13 - 21
    19-May-2007 Czech Republic - Portugal 3 - 23

    there are 18 games left to go with 3 coming up in november those being:
    03-Nov-2007 Spain - Czech Republic (Madrid)
    04-Nov-2007 Romania - Russia (Bucharest)
    10-Nov-2007 Georgia - Portugal (Tbilisi)

    table stands as follows:
    Georgia played 4 won 3 10pts
    Russia played 4 won 3 10pts
    Spain played 5 won 2 9pts
    Romania played 3 won 2 7pts
    Portugal played 3 won 2 7pts
    Czech Republic played 5 won 0 5pts

    more info about the other divisions at http://www.fira-aer-rugby.com
  12. Holdup

    Holdup Guest

    And Argentina Can be add in this tournament ....
  13. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    Well moving Argentina land from South-America to Europe will require million of years and unbelievable quantity of energy...
  14. asado

    asado Guest

    Yeah, why not? Los Pumas can play against those team ... and they can also play AND BEAT Six Nations champion (the real one not this European Cup) too ...

    Yes, that was the idea ...
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