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With only 2 15 a side games left for me this year, attention has turned to playing 7s for some tournaments comming up. So every training session has now turned into several games of 7s and I'm really not liking 7s (or 10s when we play that either). The reason? I'm a hooker with not much pace, but plenty bosh and a desire to do the hard donkey work in 15s. Is there any of that in 7s? Naw, and that sucks. Last night at training, I was doing pick and goes, boshing folk and doing big powerful runs (but then getting turned over cause in 7s no one is there to wipe out straight away if you make a break) and as I've got no real pace I really didn't enjoy and consequently I'm being sent to the shitty of the two 7s tournamnets we're in this weekend. Perhaps it's just me thinking this cause I'm a front row that would rather work hard for 80 mins, but 7s is rubish. If you're not fast, your useless in this game. It basically means that my season ends in March, and most of the training sessions are completley pointless for me.

So, where do my fellow front rowers stand on this?
I'm in the exact same position! My club has 7's tournaments coming up so that's pretty much all we do in training now. I'm a prop :(
I played a 7s game the other weekend, and it was utter shite. To be fair, that was mainly because I was playing on a team that had little-to-no experience and so I wasn't being provided with good ball from scrums and rucks. I tried making sniping runs but with there being no support, it all came to nothing. I think I'll stick to 15s from now on.
I love watching 7s but I couldn't stand playing it. Although the 1 advantage of being a front row who loves boshing is no-one really sees it coming in 7s ( the same applies to when you're subtly hanging around the backline) as long as you look like you're even considering a pass/kick the opposition don't expect you to turn and charge over them.
Played in a tournament today...got the ball 5 or 6 times in the one game I played. That meant 5 or 6 mauls today!

Yeah, we got humped.
Nah I like 7's its fast flowing although im slow but mobile for a hooker/prop im not a bad player at it. Although my tackling is not great I still enjoy it.

Or town hosts a 7's tourney which is full and its the biggest amateur 7's tourney in Wales!

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