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A players strike?



The patience of both the rugby players and the rugby fans is wearing extremely thin... [/b]

The words of Damian Hopley, head of the union which represents Rugby players in England. It is true that regardless of alleigence to club or country, both players and fans are getting throughly sick and tired of the RFU and Premier Rugby arguing like old ladies over every little thing.

Another point is that amongst all of this, the players and the fans have been steadfastly ignored by both parties while at the same time, through use of powerpoint presentations, press releases and consultants, both claim to have the full backing of those very players and fans who they have shunned and ignored!

Eventually, regardless of whether this latest fiasco is solved or not, if the arguing and bickering between RFU and Club continues, we could see the players patience snap.

Could we see a full blown players strike?

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