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All Blacks team to face Romania

like the other thread ill go with smith... hes more solid than ice.

i havent seen anything from smith to say hes gonna drop an easy ball or throw a stpuid pass... which unfortunately ice still does abit of.

the guy seems to knock-off abit mentally from time to time...

smith will be at centre in the 1/4's... as ripper was implying.. if mills was really seen as our first choice centre than he would have seen some rugby there over the season.

im almost positive smith has already been penciled in... Ice was paired with mauger last night which for me shows hes not going to be in the top side. they would have paired him with luke if they wanted him to play in the 1/4.
I think it's still up in the air and neither smith or toeava really put their hand up for the 13 jumper. I think it wil be a 50/50 between them to see who gets the start in the quarter final. mils is not the first choice centre and only really played there because there was no one else and we needed a centre. mils ability at fullback is unquestioned and was why they only took him as the specialist fullback on the end of year tour a few years bacl.

the performance against romania was defintely sloppy in places at the lineout and on the kickoffs. there were though some nice tries scored with good passing and excellent support play.
Quotes from 2 leading NZ newspapers;

"Either Mils Muliaina or Conrad Smith will wear the 13 jersey with Leon MacDonald slotting into a back three of Doug Howlett, Sivivatu or Rokocoko."

"Toeava is also a contender - though perhaps only an outside one - at centre"

I'd have to agree. I will be surprised to see Icy there and disappointed (but not surprised) to see Conman there.
i wouldnt be upset if mills was at centre.. hes solid azzz.... id just be very nervous with Rangi at the back...
Portugal have got no chance, but they have easily won the anthems singing competition. well done on making the World Cup and well done to the portugal fans who went to the matches in force

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