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Dec 28, 2015
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London Wasps

So was chatting with Hamilton on twitter about UFC fight b/n Pimblett and Logan Paul and suggesting other good fights.... Michelle Mone vs Carol Vorderman, Paul Schofield vs Holly Willoughby, Laurence Fox vs someone from LGBTQ+ who would beat him up etc.

Then suddenly thought of who i'd want in a WWE style Royal Rumble esque fight. So selected my 30 roughly whilst looking over on train this morning. Therefore consists of:

Jim Hamilton, Chabal, Martin Johnson, Cudmore, Harinordoquy, Julian White, Botha, Collins, Albacate, J Burger, Leota, Ezebeth, M Gorgodze, Andy Goode, McCaw, Brian Lima, Moody, Parisse, Back (Rey Mysterio esque), Shelford, Cotton, Willie John McBride, 3 of the France Wild Bunch", Tuilagi x 3 (Alesena, Freddie and Henry), Rabeni, O'Connell, J Leonard roughly does it.

Any more? Sure there are some top options missing here.
Lima solos the rest before breakfast
Faf De Klerk if you don't just want big guys.

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