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America's Cup Thread

a question for someone who may know more than I, are the current courses roughly the same size as those used with the mono hulls? each leg seems very quick and i'm just trying to work out if thats purely down to the much faster boats.

i've heard mention of foiling monohulls, that could be the best mix, still larger boats with full crews but with greater speed.

...i'd love to see a spinnaker again...it was always a hold your breath moment as the boats came around the mark and started hauling the spinnaker out..would it unfurl fast enough or was this the moment the chasing team could make its mark etc
In terms of course size, the length is similar, maybe a wee bit smaller but the Cats burn up the down wind scale like its nothing and the races are lucky to last 40 minutes.

I'd be keen to see monohulls, crews of at least ten and and races that last 90 minutes on average and two races per day.

Spinnakers and Gennakers essential.

You are dead right, it's great to see if the crews are going to drop their sails in the water and cause a big issue or if they have selected the correct sail and are getting maximum thrust.
anyone following the Prada Cup/Americas Cup?

just wanted to post this as i thought it was class, after capsizing and almost sinking last week, American Magic are back on the water just in time for the semi finals and did this as a thanks to the other teams for helping save the boat and then providing resources to get them back on the water so quickly

So, the big show is finally here

first day of racing down and its 1-1

The pundits predict that today was sort of the crossover zone between Prada (light) and TNZ's (heavier winds) suggested areas of strength

could be a long series