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an irish question



so this morning i was getting dressed as i often do and i noticed i was wearing an abercrombie hoodie, a pair of canterbury trousers and a pair of vans. i got quite disturbed at the idea that perhaps i had crossed the lines into D4ism. i also noticed that im a keen rugby player and an avid fan of the ross o'carroll-kelly books but i do go to a shite school in brayruit Am i overreacting or should i chuck it all in and buy a pair of dubes?
The key questions are;

How many times have you been to "DTC"?
Do you believe Bray is in Wicklow or Dublin?
Do you travel by public transport? If so, is it either the LUAS green line or the 46A QBC?

These are key questions. D4-ism may be a state of mind, but you need to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk .......................................... in the right areas.
nothin wrong with an abercrombie shirt (although i prefer lacoste over them any day polos wise) and a nice pair of jeans

i usually wear a polo of some kind be it lacoste, abercrombie, american eagle almost everyday and a pair of jeans
What exactly is a D4? Is it some new breed of chav that's yet to cross the Irish sea? :unsure:
Read a few of the books. Funny as fock. Love the "fallen to the communists" and "Munster playing at home" lines. Still crack me up.
Ah since this is an irish thread then I'll take this oppurtunity to confuse everyone from other countries. dia dhuit. conas a tá tú? tá mo bhod an-mhór :lol: :lol: :lol: :ph34r:

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