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Analogue control ?



Wonder if the game will have true analogue control. I.E more than just 8 directions and an adjustment to pace depending on how far the control was pushed.

I know Jonah Lomu had this feature on PS1. Rugby 2001 didnt even let you use analogue on PS2. Although Rugby League used the analogue stick it was only eight directions i.e up, up left, up right etc and there was no adjustment to pace regardless of how far you pushed the stick.

Cant remember to be honest how it was in Rugby 2004 ?

Sincerely hope it will be full use of the analogue in Rugby 2005 as this really makes a difference when going in for a try at the corner and is also very useful when trying to hold the ball up while someone steams onto it at full pace.

Any thoughts ?
As FIFA has it, and the hit stick is confirmed using the other analogue stick, I'd imagine its a shu in for inclusion.........

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