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And I thought rugby 2004 was bad...........



"Freedom of movement""does have depth"

Yep its a pretty realistic game when you can't offload in the tackle, players run totally out of gas when their alloted meter rate is used up, and all forwards are made the pace of a disabled snail running in a blackberry thicket............

It has great "depth" if you define "depth" as being shuffle the ball from side to side until you score with a quick back, or for "variety" grubber kick it through and run on to it..........."Button bashing" is a "deep thinking" exercise isn't it??, and for real "variety" lets just take a minnow nation and see how long we can play without the ball - regardless of what is actually happening during the gameplay......

It is a CRAP game on what is supposed to be new generation consoles, its just some people are so desperate to have any sort of playable rugby union game, that they are "blinded" by the bleeding obvious.......

Compare it to the first up effort of Stacey Jones rugby league (another rugby game of an 'arcade' type) and there is no comparison, except for the crispness of passing.


Yes I do concede that there are issues with the speed and offload and stuff...but I am not talking about what is missing (and you are right there is a lot compared to JLR and others) but rather what you can do WITH the stuff you have been given. With R2005 we tried to create stuff out of our bottom, same with SJRL in an attempt to push the boundaries. However the boundaries can only be pushed so far....it is then that I call a game shallow. With WCR and all its faults (should make next year interesting for the 3 titles) we have found that the boundaries seem further away. Backline play is full of variety because of the change in formations when R3 is activated, and team patterns can be established in a way where a minnow nation with inferior rucking ability CAN hold possesion (albeit going forward a few yards at a time). There is more freedom to manipulate play to enhance your numbers to the breakdown. The SJRL defensive line was too hard to manipulate from one ruck to another...they looked the same regardless of whether you made a 50 metre break or got hammered back 10 metres. Every play was a carbon copy of the other. I challenge you to take time out to look for boundaries in the WCR game and to challenge them or push them. You will be very surprised and what you may find.


A fair enough argument, if that is what you have found........

However tic-tac-toe probably has more "depth" to it if you looked hard enough, unfortunitely the game is so basic, poorly designed and lacking of feeling like rugby, that I have no interest what-so-ever in spending time trying to find out.......

They should have gone the whole way on this release, changed all teams to Walt Disney characters and pooh bear and friends (with extra large heads), and have been done with it......


Originally posted by NZL fan@Jun 15 2004, 07:56 AM
However tic-tac-toe probably has more "depth" to it if you looked hard enough
*Stupid post following, I AM sorry*

While I see this is only a comparison, and not a fact, I would like to point out that tic tac toe has very little depth. Next time you play (if you ever do) look at the positioning of the Os and Xs and compare them, they will be similar, but maybe rotated.
Unless the person you are playing is crap. Anyway, continue...


I got WCR as soon as it came out and, although I enjoyed it for a short time, I found that after finishing all the single player modes I got very bored very quickly and went straight back to SJRL... While there are some things like passing and so on in WCR that are better than SJRL, overall SJRL is by far the superior game. A lot of people complain about defending in SJRL and how hard it is, but you just need to get your tactics right (eg: no randomly switching players as soon as the other team makes a tiny break) and while the player graphics aren't as pretty, SJRL does look more polished than WCR on the whole (stadiums and correct field markings did help here).
WCR really gave me the shits to be honest, because for it to be any reasonable challenge against the AI, they had to make the computer just limit your possession to about 30%, making you use the aggressive tackle all the time... and in WCR defence is no fun at all, so this gets old FAST! SJRL on the other hand is a lot of fun in defence (esp. 2 on 2 with mates), because you always want to hammer players together but then risk opening massive gaps and the tackles are highly varied and painful looking! The other thing of course is kicking, and apart from grubbers, SJRL's kicking system is a lot more fun and useful (once you figure out how to time it to get space), esp. when going for 40-20's.

For me WCR was just too much like an arcade game and none of my mates liked it as much as SJRL either so the multiplayer aspect of it was useless (my mates hated have forwards always slowing down the backline and never being able to break tackles without being side one etc)... I actually had more game time with EA Rugby 2004 just due to little things like the line outs and set plays it had (WCR line outs and scrums are embarrassingly bad!).


I thought the game was fun for a week or 2 and I still think it is a much better game than Rugby 2004.

Having said that I dont play it anymore as I find that the other EA Sports Rugby games are much better than WCR.