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Andrew Johns stands down as Blues assistant coach following Tahu walk-out

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Oct 12, 2006
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Andrew Johns has quit as assistant coach of New South Wales Origin side amid a racism furore that saw winger Timana Tahu storm out of camp.

And the Blues legend has issued apologies to Tahu and Queensland centre Greg Inglis for racist comments he made last Wednesday during a Blues bonding session.

In a statement released by the NSWRL , Johns said: “Two nights ago while trying to talk up the match I made a disparaging comment about a member of the other team and in the process of that I referred to the colour of his skin.

“I should have thought more what I was saying about a player whom I have always admired and respected and I hope to speak with Greg soon to explain what happened.

“I only hope that by stepping aside I can show others how seriously I am taking this issue and hopefully others may learn from it as well.

“I would love nothing more than to see Timana re-enter the team.

“It is something I deeply regret and I will do all I can to repair my friendships with both Greg and Timana and to regain the respect of those I have let down.â€

The Daily Telegraph revealed that Johns told team management that he had to go after it emerged that he had said racist remarks during a team bonding session here in Kingscliff that infuriated his former Newcastle Knights teammate.

The latest bombshell to rock the NSW Origin camp has thrown the Blues preparations into a complete camp catastrophe, with Queensland guaranteed to be bristling about the developments.
I applaud Timana Tahu for taking a stand on this issue. Racism has no place in civilised society.

Johns should rightly be considered one of the greatest players ever to play rugby league. It's a shame he's such an idiot. First there was his drug usage and now this. His star has dropped alarmingly since his retirement from the sport.
I agree, racism has absolutely no place in sport/society in general.
It was a stupid thing, Good on Tahu for making his feelings known.

Inglis to score the series winning try in the next match for the maroons
His halo has really slipped since he retired. First the drugs furore and now this, this is disgraceful.
Correct me if I'm wrong did Andrew Johns not play T20 cricket not long ago for the New South Wales state cricket side?
Correct me if I'm wrong did Andrew Johns not play T20 cricket not long ago for the New South Wales state cricket side?

Yeah. I think he batted at 9 or something and did not bowl. He wasn't picked for his merits, I understand he is a decent cricketer but it was done as more of a gimmick.

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