Any Hockey Fans Out There?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by USArugger, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Anyone interested in talking about NHL 2006. I just got it, but haven't played it yet. Too busy playing Tiger Woods and NCAA 2006.

    Is NHL 2006 any good?
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  3. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Ive played it, but there wasnt enough difference between it and 2005. So i stuck with 2005. I love hockey but since the lock out, and due to the fact that i cant watch the current season(I have espn but they no longer screen it) I have lost alot of interest, and spend more time on madden and rugby games.

    NHL 2006 still has the same problem of not rewarding you for tricky one timers, but letting you wrist them in from the blue line. Some of the one timer goals I got denied nearly made me cry. I will keep hiring the new versions until this is fixed, and then ill buy. Other than that its pretty sound, awsome stanely cup celebrations and good graphics.(I play on pc though)

    One of the features on the back of the box was the ability to knock the goalies drink bottle off the back of the goal. When this is on the features list, you know they havent added alot of new stuff!
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Anyone played NHL 2K6 (by 2K Sports)? Ive only played NHL 06 so far, and still prefer ESPN NHL 2K5 by a long shot, EA have never really done a decent hockey game in my opinion, although 06 was definatly a major improvement.

    Be interesting to see what they can do with the ESPN Presentation next year. Not really a fan of Hockey in real life (Dont follow it, just watch it when its on and I can be bothered), is there a college scene? and if so, any NCAA Hockey games?
  5. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Ive played nhl 2k6 and its definately better as far as deapth and realism, but i just cant get past alot of the awful animation and the under par visuals. I need to be able to deke like in the ea series. If not for these factors id switch in a heart beat.

    will EA be using espn for theie hockey as well? does this mean they are sharing the nhl liscence?
  6. personally would like to see more delving into International Hockey and Euro leagues

    Sure being Able to play in SM Liga, Eliteserien, DEl, World Cup, Olympics, WOrld Championship are great but what about Russian Super League, Euro Cup, Spengler Cup, Swiss, Czech, Slovak Elite Leagues etc

    I'd also like to see maybe some Junior Hockey or Minor leagues implemented in the near future that would be so cool if I could play as my local CHL team.
  7. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Id like that too, but its never gonna happen. You cant even do a franchie with the current european leagues let alone adding more. I love playing SM liga with the golden helmets on!
  8. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. I got it as a gift so I didn't shell out any cash for it anyway.

    Would love to see Minnesota vs St Cloud State or Michigan vs Maine on a hockey game. College hockey would be very cool. They could work all the recruiting and everything just like NCAA, they could use the NHL engine. Wow. They already have the game made. I wonder if anyone would buy it. I would.
  9. It sucks too because the Talent playing in Europe is very good if onbly the NHL wouldn't poach all their best players lol.

    I watch Eliteserien all the time on TV Vastra Frolunda rocks and they have some very good players. Its a different game over their then the NHL is here though.
  10. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    I used to go and watch Jokerit play in the SM liga(I lived in finland briefly) and although the nhl steals all the players, its still just as good as the NHL to watch, just no fights!

    I would love college hockey, but i could never get it or ncaa coz I live in nz and they dont make pal versions of these games [​IMG]
  11. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    ? The NHL liscence hasnt gone exclusive yet, which means anyman and his dog could make a hockey game if they could afford too.

    the only ones which I know of which are now exclusive are the NFL, NCAA Football (EA) and MLB (2K Sports).
  12. yah man I love Karpat

    I am all for euro club hockey. Spengler Cup was great last year.
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I started a test dynasty just to figure out how stuff works. Interesting. I created a team, but the editing is not that good. Jerseys and all are not very customizable. Hell, I couldn't even pick my colors. Anyone else know how to do that?

    It's OK.
  14. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    I'm a huge hockey fan, but I haven't actually played NHL 2006 yet. However, I've heard from many of my friends the same thing that I've seen here: not too much difference vs 2005.

    Ripper: There is college hockey, which I understand is quite big in states like Minnesota, Maine, and North Dakota (where they held the World Junior Championships last year). However, unlike football, where it is the top development league, it is generally considered at best, 2nd behind Canadian Junior (CHL) hockey. Many people might consider it better for development to play in either the minor leagues or in a European pro league than in the NCAA. From what I hear, having not had the opportunity to watch much NCAA as it is never on TV, the hockey they play has rules very similar to our minor(kid's) hockey here in Canada. Unlike the CHL which is closer to the NHL in rules and customs (fighting, face masks, etc.)
  15. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    College hockey is indeed huge in many northern states. It is not, like you say, the premier development league for the NHL. Many of the very best high school players go play junior hockey. It is similar to NCAA baseball in that respect. Your best teams will have some NHL quality players, but your NHL draft is not made up of primarily college players. Many of them have already been drafted out of high school but have opted to play in college while getting a free education rather than play in the minors.

    College hockey is pretty much on TV only where there are good teams.
  16. NHL 2006 rules period I just got the game and its sweet. I was disappointed they didn't license all the official national team kits though the jerseys they have look pretty dumb.

    Gameplay is f***ing awesome though and with the new stickhandling stick and manual aiming system you can score some pretty hot and realistic goals.

    Now on College hockey it is mainly a league where ex junior players who couldn't cut it at pro level goto play or ex pros who want an education but will play to get it for free.
  17. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    You're a little off on college hockey. First of all, former pros are not in college hockey. Secondly, if you are a bigtime high school player you get recruited pretty hard to play college hockey. There are quite a few good NHL players who came out of college hockey. Hell, the University of Minnesota alone has quite a few former players in the NHL.
  18. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    So I won the Stanley Cup in my first season with the St Paul Vulcans. I simmed most of the games and played the 3rd period if it was a 1 goal game. During the off season, I drafted some players but now I can't find them. I thought I signed everyone who didn't have a contract. Very strange. How do you keep track of your farm team?

    My attendance sucks even though I won the Cup, give away loads of free stuff, and upgraded my marketing. Doesn't make sense.
  19. sorry USA_Rugger i was just thinking of Canadian University Hockey. I don't know what its like in the states but thats how it is in Canada. University Hockey is just a place for ex pro's and junior players to play and get a free ride through school.
  20. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    Since we seem to have the hockey fans gathered here, is anyone else watching the World Juniors? I went to the Canada-Finland game yesterday and just finished watching the USA-Norway game. Besides the utterly abysmal refereeing, I was very dissapointed by the American team. They are supposed to be tournament favourites, but they seem badly coached and very individualistic, Phil Kessel especially. Canada, however, looked very strong. The poor USA showing could be due to playing down to Norway's level, though.
  21. yah they are show boats too very good stickhandlers too. Play hockey like they are from Quebec. Thats how Americans play though like real prissy's we used to go down to massachusetts for tournaments when I played AAA and we would throw them all over the rink at that age because of the massive difference in style between us and them. They play a fancy style down their with lots of good skating and fancy schmancy scoring while Canucks are taught to play a hardhitting forechecking in your face style of play. I know I was taught from a young age take the man first and keep taking the man your centerman will be their to pick up the puck. it was preached so much when I played AAA all the way up to Midget and Junior level just HIT HIT HIT HIT everything insight and thats the main difference between Canuck and American hockey.
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