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Atkinson to get trail with Montauban

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So it seems that Canadian back row Oliver Atkinson is going to go for a trail with Professional side Montauban where fellow Canadian Ryan Smith has already gone. He's played both of his two tests for Canada at Lock and apparently has some goalkicking abilities but I don't think that's really gonna come into play. To get a chance to go pro just after two caps sounds like a good thing for Canadian players. Hopefully, we can get this kind of result more and more frequently. Anyone figure he's got a chance of making it or not?
I don't know this player. If he manages to join Montauban he will play Top14 next season since they will be promoted at the end of this season. The good point is that they know that quite in advance and therefore can start looking for recruits soon enough not like Toulon which are going to be relegated after one season in the Top14.

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