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Please help with some research


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Feb 8, 2024
Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well. I am currently doing an assignment on enterprise and innovation at University. My idea has a big link with rugby and if any coaches, past or present players, or anybody who just enjoys the sport would allow me 5 minutes of their time to speak about it I would massively appreciate it. I would love to hear if it would be something that the players and coaches may benefit from because I think it could be very successful.
Thank you very much,
Noah Jenkinson
I would love to hear about your thoughts on injuries in rugby and also the mental health problems that rugby can cause in whatever way possible: injuries, being left out of the team, long-term injuries, however, mental health may be affected. Thanks again
Those a broad subjects.

What's your specific question and what specific details do you want to hear about?
My specific question is all about mental health in rugby and i just have a quick survey that lasts one minute which would mean the world to me if you could complete.
I want to know if people feel enough is being done for both genders and their mental health and what more could be done.
I played rugby because it was good for my mental health. Exercise, social interaction, plus I enjoyed the physical confrontation.

Not sure when you say "feel enough is being done" it's not like you are playing to get PTSD

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