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Have you ever suffered with mental health during your playing career?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • No

    Votes: 5 83.3%

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Academy Player
Feb 8, 2024
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all good

It would be massively appreciated if you could answer my poll question

Thank you very much,

Noah Jenkinson
Okay, for the sake of context - I've answered "yes", but...
I've suffered with my mental health from (at least) the age of 6, through my current age of 48.
I started playing rugby at 8(?), stopped at 26; picked up a non-contact version at 41
I voted no but a not-so-thorough psychological analysis might say otherwise. I don't know but again, my gut says no. I suppose I am a bit older than you. Half the things that today are considered "issues" or "problems" were non-issues back in the day. The way things like bullying, teasing, or body shaming were dealt with was very, very different.

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