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List of Tier One countries' losses (excluding Italy) to Tier Two countries

Tooting Carmen

First XV
Sep 18, 2018
Argentina: Canada 1990 (x2), Fiji 1987 (World Cup), Japan 1998, Samoa 1991 (World Cup)/1995 (World Cup)/2005
Australia: Fiji 1952/1954, Samoa 2011, Tonga 1973
England: Fiji 2023
France: Canada 1994, Fiji 2018, Germany 1927/1938, Romania 1960/1962/1968/1974/1976/1980/1982/1990, Tonga 1999/2011 (World Cup), United States 1924 (Olympics)
Ireland: Japan 2019 (World Cup), Namibia 1991 (x2), Samoa 1996
New Zealand: N/A
Scotland: Canada 2002, Fiji 1998/2017, Japan 2019 (World Cup), Romania 1984/1991, Samoa 2013, Tonga 2012, United States 2018
South Africa: Japan 2015 (World Cup)
Wales: Canada 1993, Fiji 2007 (World Cup), Georgia 2022, Japan 2013, Romania 1983/1988, Samoa 1991 (World Cup)/1994/1999 (World Cup)/2012
Amateur era
Argentina: five losses
Australia: three losses
England: N/A
France: twelve losses
Ireland: two losses
New Zealand: N/A
Scotland: two losses
South Africa: N/A
Wales: five losses

Professional era
Argentina: two losses
Australia: one loss
England: one loss
France: three losses
Ireland: two losses
New Zealand: N/A
Scotland: seven losses
South Africa: one loss
Wales: five losses
Romania really had France's number there for a while.

Canada pop up quite a bit as well. I recall they pushed the All Blacks close in the late 80s I think. They really fell off which is a shame. I actually live in Vancouver which is the North American capital of rugby. You couldn't really tell unless the 7s tournament is playing. :(

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