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Backline receiving on the run!!!



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Just got the PS2 version

read the 11th post (mine), look at Ninjas reply (14th) and and tell me sweet Jesus that this is true!!! Oh please tell me this is true..oh God yes
I'Ve been playin about ALL day and everytime i brake a run there is always one of my backs to support me i dont know if you want to know that just wondering if dat was it
No....I meant the "stand off" receiving the ball on the run from the ruck maul thingy.
if you run off to the side with your scrumhalf, you can pass to some of the backs on that side. if youve been running far enough then they will have a running start, so theoretically you can pass to them
Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 12 2005, 06:03 PM
That Yes Lad but off mauls and rucks no
Have you tried it? What did they (the backline) do when you ran?

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