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Rugby Challenge 4 not found on Steam

Stade Rochelais

Academy Player
Mar 21, 2018
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La Rochelle

Hello everybody.
I wanted to buy RC4, I searched all the sites (steam, amazon, ali baba), I found nothing. If anyone can provide us with a link to download it that would be great.
The game is nowhere to be found, if anyone can make an effort and close their eyes! I think my arguments are logical.

Does anyone have a solution?

They lost the licenses (most likely all gone to nacon and big ant with rugby 24) so they had to delist the game off all platforms like steam etc.
Only change now would be trying to get a physical copy from somewhere
Unfortunately I'm terms of purchase-able rugby games, your options are either buying Rugby 22 (which to be honest isn't bad, I've actually quite enjoyed it, but doesn't have the most game modes), or waiting until late January for Rugby 24, which should have "everything" if their limited marketing is to be believed.

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