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Ballon d'Or



Who will be the Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball ?)

I think that will be Kaka', for his good season with Milan.
Peut-être C.Ronaldo mais je pense qu'il est trop jeune

Mais je verrai bien Pirlo moi!
KAKA no doubt, he is the only regular one, all others had their ups and down. KAKA is a machine, yet I think etoo without injuries could have won it.
Kaka, basically because he won the Champions, but Messi or C. Ronaldo are at the same level.
Messi is the best player in the world, but Kaka had an impressive season while Messi was injured.
I think it will be Kaka, and think he's most deserving too. CRonaldo was amazing all year, but in the end the CL > EPL and Kaka was superhuman in the CL. Can't really think of any defensive player that would deserve it, besides maybe Gattuso, and Kaka was better than Gattuso IMO last season in importance.
in my opinion kaka is the best player in the world . others to win is drogba, c.ronaldo and messi
kaka' will be the ballon d or

fr: rien a dire milan c est la meilleure équipe du momen
Personne ?

Ils jouent tous bien mais personne se détache vraiment du lot cette année.

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