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Banning players



I think this banning of the players in the world cup are good for rugby.
A player must think twice before tackling high or hitting.
What are your meaning and what do you think about the banning of Burger?????
it think it's correct of them to ban the player. my only problem is the inconsistency of the judicial committee.
Firstly 'TEQUILA', how many accounts do you plan on making? Suprised you haven't answered your own question with one of your other accounts yet.

Secondly, I don't think players being banned is good for the tournament at all. Necessary, yes, but not good. Everyone would like to see each side able to field their strongest squad. If players go beyond the laws of the game badly, then of course a ban is waranted, but you can't possibly say it's good for the game.

I think Banning Brian Lima is not a good idea beca

I think banning Brian Lima is not a good idea because its his last world cup and its not a good manier to finish a carrier

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