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Bath & Wiltshire Romans seek new Head Coach (Player Head-Coach)

Bath Romans RL

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Dec 15, 2015
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Bath & Wiltshire Romans RLFC has an opportunity for a Head Coach (Player Head-Coach).

A "Level Two" coaching certificate and commitment to future training is essential. Responsibilities include training, selecting the team competing in the West of England Mens League, aid the club in establishing a second team, development of player recruitment and retention strategies. The club is also planning for an expression of interest to enter a team in Conference League South in 2017 as part of its future vision.

The club were founded in January 2015 and had a highly successful début season in the West of England League:
- Inaugural West of England Challenge Cup winners
- Inaugural West of England 9's finalists
- West of England Grand Final winners
- West of England League winners
- Harry Jepson Trophy semi-finalists (National Competition)

2015 Player-Head Coach/Captain Tom Howley has moved to the Nottingham area for work which is the rational behind the advert. The club are seeking continuous improvement both on and off the pitch driving professional standards in a community club environment.

The current make up of the team is a mix of local Rugby Union converts, Army players and students of the game from University of Bath. It is recognised there needs to be a good mix of players to aid the clubs sustainability.

Last season the clubs' playing personnel had a number of representative honours:
- two players on Armed Forces tour of Australia
- two current Army representative players
- one on an a student ambassadors (British Pioneers) tour of Bosnia
- one Welsh Student international

A number of the squad are also former Army representative players and a further couple which are on the pathway to Army representative honours too.

Please forward your Rugby CV along with any queries to Chris Chatten, Chairman, Email: [email protected]