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Official Official 1st Announcement

Midnight 3/10/06

Welcome to the official... official 2007 Big Day Out first announcement.

(for NZ Press Release click here)

Now that everyone has had their fun & had a go at their own announcements’ it is finally our turn. That is of course if you believe that this is the actual official first announcement.

So for those of you who are true believers read on.....

We hoped you liked the show in 2006: wasn’t Iggy great?

For us it’s not just about great music but offering a great experience as well. Not only for the audience but the bands and of course the team that makes the shows a reality.

2007 will be the 15th year of the BDO. Over that time we have witnessed amazing performances from artists ranging from the obscure to the megastars. We of course intend to continue that tradition.

That said, we felt it was time to turn up the volume for 2007.

A big show also means you need to take extra care of each other, pace yourself, play safe and get home in one piece. Please don’t forget about the getting home safely part of the day.

So, no more lectures, it’s meant to be fun.

The first announcement packs a lot of punch and we would recommend buying your tickets early. Rest assured, the second and third announcements will only reconfirm your decision.

So lets get to the actual real official, official first announcement.

BIG DAY OUT 2007 will host the heaviest modern metal experience of all, TOOL. After 15 years of breaking, shaking and earthquaking new musical ground, TOOL topped the charts in 2006 with their latest unique melding of art, prog and metal, 10,000 Days. With an unmercifully heavy set that reaches back over a decade to the still staggering Sober, BIG DAY OUT 2007 will feel the earth move under its feet as TOOL rumble and roar into life.

In the summer of 2004, JET wowed BDO audiences with blistering sets showcasing their worldwide smash debut Get Born. Sure, it was only rock‘n’roll, but we liked it! In 2007, JET return to the BIG DAY OUT stage with their new effort, Shine On, a rollicking LP jam-packed with rootsy Delta blues, British hard-rock and Everly Brothers inspired harmonies. Expect a show packing a swaggering rock‘n’roll punch as a new light shines on JET at the BDO.

Direct from outer space, BIG DAY OUT 2007 is thrilled to welcome the most thrilling operatic sci-fi carnival on the face of the earth, MUSE. The fuel powering this prog rock missile from Mars is Black Holes and Revelations, a No.1 album around the world, and a showcase of a band at the top of their game â€" a game no one else has ever dared dream of playing. In 2007, BIG DAY OUT will be ridiculous, overblown, ambitious and utterly brilliant â€" all thanks to the one and only MUSE.

In the beginning, there was the BIG DAY OUT. And in the beginning of the BIG DAY OUT, there was VIOLENT FEMMES. Fifteen years after they folk-punked the BIG DAY OUT into existence alongside some little band called Nirvana, VIOLENT FEMMES are back to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. BIG DAY OUT 2007 will ring to the sounds of the FEMMES classics that have become part of the rock’n’roll fabric: Add it Up. Blister in the Sun. Kiss Off. Gone Daddy Gone. Gimme the Car. American Music… VIOLENT FEMMES at BIG DAY OUT: a rite of passage no self-respecting music fan can miss.

When SCRIBE first stepped up to ask the question “How many dudes do you know flow like this?†in his smash hit Not Many, this young New Zealand rapper was setting out on a crusade to bring a new flavour to the international hip-hop scene. The real deal alternative to gun-toting, bling-laden cash hip-hop, SCRIBE’s powerful stage presence, hard hitting, hook-laden rhymes are irresistible and have inspired all corners of the hip-hop community to wax lyrical.

BIG DAY OUT 2007 is buzzing about the arrival of the best band to come from anywhere, ever â€" THE KILLERS. The Las Vegas band, led by the “knicker-wettingly debonair†Brandon Flowers, sold 5 million copies of their debut album Hot Fuss, and delivered some of the best singles of the 2000s so far: Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me and Smile Like You Mean It. Now comes the new album, Sam’s Town, and a live show renowned for causing mass singalongs and hormonal hysteria. With the coming of THE KILLERS, BIG DAY OUT 2007 is going to be, well, killer.

Everyone’s favourite Fremantle prodigies ESKIMO JOE run away to join the BIG DAY OUT circus this summer with their third album Red Wine and Black Fingernails in tow. With throbbing drums, warm keyboard atmospheres and ethereal guitars, the Eskies are wildly charismatic showmen with sex appeal to boot. Not afraid of a little rock‘n’roll they are not to be missed at BDO 2007.

BIG DAY OUT 2007 gets back in black with the coming of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Beloved by black-clad music fans everywhere for their incendiary hits I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Helena and The Ghost of You, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE are set to leave the pretenders choking in their dust with their new, epic concept album The Black Parade. Led by an iconic performer in Gerard Way, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE will put the pomp and punk pageantry into BIG DAY OUT 2007.

BIG DAY OUT 2007 has a warm, fuzzy feeling now that PEACHES is returning to rub us up the right way. The self-made, self-produced, do-it-yourself leader of the electro punk movement and high priestess of the dirty lyrical classic comes armed with her third album, Impeach My Bush. Having let this Canadian whirlwind have her way with us several times before, it is with a sense of exhilaration and palpable danger that BIG DAY OUT 2007 announces the return of PEACHES.

EVERMORE have come a long way since the initial release of their impressive album debut Dreams; after a phenomenal season of touring on the live circuit, winning hearts in Oz and overseas, the three Hume brothers picked up a swag of awards and found themselves with a multi-platinum selling record. In 2006 EVERMORE have returned with a new album Real Life and we welcome them to the BIG DAY OUT for the first time, to deliver their dynamic rock, melodic harmonies and uplifting lyrics.

Get ready to shake ya ass. SPANK ROCK will bring the party, the rhythms and the raunch to BIG DAY OUT 2007. Hyped by DJs from Freq Nasty to Laurent Garnier, some call SPANK ROCK the figureheads of a sound known as Baltimore Club. We just call ‘em funny, catchy, clever, fearless and most of all, innovative. Representin’ their debut set, YoYoYoYoYo, Baltimore’s SPANK ROCK will be doing fresh, funky and filthy things with hip hop at BIG DAY OUT 2007.

Masters in the business of making music to lift the soul, Perth’s rock‘n’roll genius THE SLEEPY JACKSON return to play the BIG DAY OUT in 2007. With a vision unmatched in modern pop, The Sleepies have the ability to carve out nuggets of pure musical gold; from sublime acid-country to Who-like power pop, they deliver it all. Get ready for songs from their new album Personality: One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird, a heady concoction of sumptuous symphonic beauty, strings and massed choirs included!

Inspiring anticipation, awe and respect all at once, THE HERD has a reputation for fiery, electrifying live shows. With an unconventional line up, THE HERD take to the stage as an eight-piece outfit with three MC’s and two singers. With stage antics that turn the fun up to eleven, THE HERD will get the crowd grooving in flow-motion from the outset. Touring for the first time in 2007, catch them at a BIG DAY OUT near you.

Oozing excitement and an unparalleled energy with everything they do, Melbourne all-girl three-piece THE SPAZZYS bring their brash three-chord power chaos back to the BIG DAY OUT this summer. Since arriving to tear up the scene with their vibrant Ramones-esque punk pop rock, the band has kicked formidable amounts of arse! Don’t miss their red hot performance.

Stay tuned for our next announcement, when we reveal the latest additions to amplify your summer of music.

Is it me... or are they getting worse bands each year? Muse and The Killers would be worth the trip, but the rest are either **** live or just plain ****.

Hopefully My Emo Romance get bottled like they did at Reading.
I am definately going.

I already have the money for my ticket but no money for accomodation, airfare, booze or t-shirts
Seems like a pretty reasonable line up to me.

The Herd, Tool, Jet, Muse, The Killers and My Chemical Romance all get the thumbs up from me
only a few good bands there, my chemical romance are ****.

Their live cd (Life On The Murder Scene) really tickles my fancy. But each to their own.
<div class='quotemain'>
only a few good bands there, my chemical romance are ****.

Their live cd (Life On The Murder Scene) really tickles my fancy. But each to their own.
From what i've seen on TV and what people have said, they are even shitter live... and they did get bottled off the stage at Reading.

I need to get my hands on that footage.
The bands don't look too bad I suppse. MCR are an old favourite of mine, yet they could of had some heavier bands on.
the bands are ****, pure and simple ok

and my chemical romance are ****

f***ing ****.

whinging little *****es.
Thats your opinion...

Doesn't mean everyone agree's with you or your opinion is correct...
no ones opinion is correct, there is always a counter arguement for anyones opinions, hence the reason why it is an opinion.

but i wipe my arse with your opinion.

my opinion is better.
Not enough good bands to tempt me to go <_< Muse, The Killers and Tool are the only ones i like
no ones opinion is correct, there is always a counter arguement for anyones opinions, hence the reason why it is an opinion.

but i wipe my arse with your opinion.

my opinion is better.

Pull your fish hook out of these waters.

There is still two anouncements of bands to go I think. So this BDO looks like it is worth going to for mine.
Pull your fish hook out of these waters.

There is still two anouncements of bands to go I think. So this BDO looks like it is worth going to for mine.
Same here
So you obviousley prefer music that is compiled simply by a few measly buttons on a compuiter to form a beat that is simply added to some shoddy unknown lyrics about gangsters and hoes etc...to music that has been created over a long time, filled with meaning and skills are actually used.
haha, omg why i couldnt see you were airben before is beyond me.

i like all sorts of music, ranging from progressive music like yes and gennesis, to the classics like the beatles, to artists, like the hollies, to a bit of the rat pack, to a bit of jazz,to 70's rock, to contempory 70's rock, to blue grass rock, to 80's disco, to power ballads, to rap, to RnB, to reggae, to hip hop and trip hop, i like most music, but emo is just ****.
So it's a 'middle of the road' radio taste then?

I can see where GP's coming from, and now you Lora, and really you two are comparing apples with pears. One isn't better than the other, they're both good, that's why different people like one or the other, hell even both...
yeah i like my classics, but i do like a few news bands, like i love the arctic monekys, i love the killers, although brandon flowers is a bit silly.

umm yeah i love justin timberlake too.

im sorry but i hate emo - because its become more than a genre,its now a sub culture of society, its turned into a fashion, a lifestyle, for little dysfunctional ungreatful c***s, who need to wake up and realise there are people outhtere in far worse positions than you.

ignorant and self absorbed
Gee hip hop sets a good example on society with emphasis in videos of bling bling, pimping, drive-by's (I know that's stretching it) and the ridiculous fashion with jeans hanging under arses etc

Emos aren't the worst, just a part of all the other objectionable 'lifestyles' out there.

Fair enough you don't like it/them, but there's a line that crossable...
Hey, Lora may or may not have a point, but he is keeping this thread alive. He has a way of making people want to respond to his posts, lol!

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