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  1. I don't mean to beat a dead subject but Todd Bertuzzi has been ordered before crown council on July 9th. Crown council is pretty high up in the goverment chain, and he could be tried and sent to jail or fined or etc. Now, I'm not sure if you guys have even heard of what happened so I'll tell you.

    The Vancouver Canucks were playing the Colorado Avalanche one night. It's near the of the season and our captain, Markus Naslund, is the leading scorer in the league. Midway through the game, some unknown 4th liner named Steve Moore delivers a cheap head shot to Naslund. (It was cheap and a head shot so don't deny it.) Naslund only reports that he gets a concussion, but there's been rumors that he messed up his elbow too. (The guy had one of the best wrist shots in the world and in the playoffs he suddenly changes to a slap shot.) After the cheap shot by Moore, Brad May of Vancouver goes to shitkick him but the refs stop him. (If the refs didn't stop him, there'd be no Bertuzzi incident.) No penalty was called on the play.

    After the game Brad May, and a few other Canucks tell the media that there gonna get Moore, and that "I'll be fun to get this guy". The 'Nucks and Aves have two more regular season games left.

    The next time these two teams meet, nothing bad happened.

    But then the second time they met, a lot of bad things happened espicially if your a Vancouver fan: The Aves take a 5-0 on like 8 shots. Early in the game Matt Cooke gets Moore in a fight and Moore almost beats him down. (In Cooke's defense, he's not big guy.) Then Jarko Ruutu and Rob Blake fight, Blake ends up breaking his hand. (I think it was that game). Meanwhile the Canucks change goaltenders and Hedberg is ni net now. The only highligh of the night is when Trevor Linden gets THE POINT (errr....points) becoming the all-time leading scorer for the Canucks. Brad May then proceeds to go on a rampage. He fights Peter Worrell twice. (Huge guy. May gave up like a foot in height and about 40 pounds in weight) Worrell almost wins one and may almost wins one. He then proceeds to **** off every player on the Aves bench.
    Then the 3rd period, Moore (who shouldn't even be on the ice) get challenged by pretty much every Canuck imaginable. Declines until finally Bertuzzi challenges him. Bertuzzi pushs Moore's shoulder saying "come on let's fight". Moore, fearing for his life, turns to skate away, and Bertuzzi goes to cheap shot him from behind. (Classless)

    Here's where it gets controversial: Bertuzzi slips in his own stick and falls with and on top of an unconscious Moore. (You can see the stick go flying into the boards.) The Aves players then jump on Bertuzzi and Moore. While this is going on, Hedberg (a swede) challenges Aebischer the other goalie to a fight, and May get into fight #3 of the ngiht nad **** kicks another big guy. Moore ends up with facial lacerations and teo broken veterbrae and a concussion. The thing is, your sure when the vertabrae brake. Because his head takes a blow from Bert, he then gets slammed (inadvertantly) into the ice, and his head continually moves in awkward positions the entire time the dog pile happens.

    Alright still three more things to go here. About a week later, Bertuzzi gives a very emotional apology. It was a very good considering he was pretty torn up. The next day Bertuzzi gets suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. (Flames got lucky, really lucky.) Moore then gives his own press conference. It's very neutral on what he feels about the issue and uninformative on what he's gonig to do about it. Although he was a little classless about it, saying he never saw the Bertuzzi apology. (Lying sack of ****)

    I'd post of video of the incident but not sure how too. Geoff and Canadian_rugby_guy are probably gonna tell me to just forget about cause it was infinite repear in Canada
    awhile ago. The funny thing though is the night after the suspension was given, Bryan Marchment hits Byron Ritchie from behind, 5 feet from the boards, and after the whistle. Snap's Ritchie's collarbone.
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  4. I disagree. I saw the replay several times on the news. The punch didn't look like much actually. But it's not just Bertuzzi who's guilty. Since Moore did knock a Canuck unconcious during an earlier game. I think the point is NHL refs are letting too much slide. They let the players "blow off some steam" and then seperate them. Total BULLSHIT! It's immature and childish. The only difference between that and some kids fighting over a toy is that these are full grown men who can actually do some damage.

    Mind you these are the same people who say that rugby is a dangerous sport and you'll get killed playing it. True, fans do go nuts and I'm sure there are some fights from time to time, but when was the last time you heard of a rugby fight? Hockey fights all the time, as if checking someone wasn't enough. Fans yell for blood and when blood is spilled, they say it's a scandal. I'm frankly fed up with the NHL whether it's Canadian or not.
  5. yes hockey is full of BS like fighting and dumb stuff like that and the politics are complete bullshit. Seriously there is no need for fighting or doing stupid **** like sucker punching someone from behind. In Rugby he would be banned by the governing body if he pulled some stunt like that. What they should be doing is giving clean hits and playing the game the way it should be played. We don't need fighting to police the game if someone acts like a smartass and hits you go get him back cleanly when he doesn't suspect it.
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