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Central Council Opens Up Croke Park


An Tarbh

Originally posted by RTÉ Sport
Central Council opens up Croker for 2007
Saturday, 10 December 2005 4:10 

Croke Park will soon see Irish soccer and rugby teams grace its turf 

The GAA Central Council has announced that, subject to negotiations with the IRFU and the FAI, senior competitive rugby and soccer internationals can take place in Croke Park during the redevelopment of Lansdowne Road.

President of the GAA Seán Kelly said he was "pleased Council had taken a positive decision on the IRFU and FAI's applications consistent with the spirit of the decision taken by Congress last April" and that it was "now a matter for the sporting bodies to apply themselves to reaching a mutually acceptable accommodation on arrangements and terms".

Both the IRFU and the FAI welcomed the decision and said they looked forward to negotiating with the GAA over the use of Croke Park.

OK hardly surprising but good to actually get the confirmation, GAA should make a rake of money out of this so it's hardly surprising that Council has voted in favour of this.

Now all we need sorted is the whole planning permission issue at Lansdowne which is going to be one hell of a battle with those residents, Jesus if people thought Croke Park residents were nard enough to deal with what the hell will the ones at Lansdowne be like with their D4 sense of superiority.
seriously i wish they would just improve or inhance the lansdowne road, not totally remodel it, it just wont seem the same, i like it how it is, standing terraces, its a legend, just improve stuff dont mess with it..

I can see where you're coming from, Lansdowne Rd is a hole but there's nothing better than being at an Ireland rugby match there, that was the one thing the Welsh focused on with the Millenium Stadium, keeping the atmosphere, I just hope they do the same with Lansdowne.

I love the place but work needs to be done, it's a hell of a lot easier to knock and rebuild than to do patchwork jobs. Just look at how long it took to rebuild Croke Pk, 10 years.
yea i hear ya, hopefully theyll put the seats really close to the field on the new lansdowne so then the noise will be insane, and it will be so hard to hear..

I haven't heard anything mentioned about it but it's a pity that they can't develop it like some of the German stadiums keeping the terraces for their league matches and putting in seating for the champions league and internationals. Surely we could do the same with all seater for the soccer and have the terraces for the rugby, that'd certainly keep the atmosphere.
First rugby game in Croke park predicted to be against France in the 2007 Six Nations. IRFU heads are gonna ask the schedule makers to make sure it's France and not England who play in Croker first.
I would have thought they'd be chomping at the bit to play England there first up, plus it won't be that offensive there'll be no Union Jack flying over Croke park so what's the problem. Plus it'd certainly be enough motivation for our team to go out and win the game.
can't have those brits defiling the ancient Croker sod grown lush on the blood of fallen patriots....
well surely the GAA and Irish patriots alike wouldn't mind seeing some English blood spilt on their hallowed turf.

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