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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Otara, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Otara

    Otara Guest

    Well super 12 is finished and S14 will begin in february ( why they cant just make a name that doesnt have to be changed i dont know!!)
    And as i was reading the Dream 1st 15 topic i realised that it was way too hard for me and that this would be much better...
    *the benefit being that it had only gone for 10 seasons and you cant compare players from different eras over the past 100 years because the skill level and genetic upbringings have whose your team and whats the lineup?

    Mine is really difficult being a counties man and supporting the blues at the same may say why arent i going for the chiefies its because i still live in Manukau and thats as Auckland as Auckland can be and also in the beginning Counties were as we all know under the Blues banner so here is my team....

    15. Doug Howlett
    14. Joeli Vidiri
    13. Mils Muliania
    12. Eroni Clarke
    11. Jonah Lomu
    10. Carlos Spencer
    9. Ofisa Tonnuu
    8. Zinzan Brooke
    7. Mark Carter
    6. Andrew Blowers
    5. Robin Brooke
    4. Troy Flavell
    3. Olo Brown
    2. Sean Fitzpatrick ©
    1. Craig Dowd
    Keven Mealamu
    Nick White
    Glenn Taylor
    Rob Cribb
    Steve Devine
    Adrian Cashmore
    Joe Rokocoko

    Big call with Howlett at 15 but if your a fellow Blues supporter you would know what i was thinking ... too many good backs!!!
    players like Stenseness and Rupeni for his short service didnt make the cutt..even a late Walter Little when Harbour became Blues territory in 1999 and Counties switched to Chief Land ( Poor Decision, but somethings gotta give )

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  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Wally's Queensland line up of the professional era

    1. Dan Crowley
    2. Michael Foley
    3. Glenn Panaho
    4. Mark Connors
    5. John Eales ©
    6. Matt Cockbain
    7. David Croft
    8. Toutai Kefu
    9. Jacob Raulini
    10. Elton Flatley
    11. Ben Tune
    12. Tim Horan
    13. Dan Herbert
    14. Jason Little
    15. Chris Latham
  4. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    15.Christian Cullen
    14.Lome Fa'atau
    13.Alama Ieremia (Nearly Ma'a but he had a crap super 12 last season)
    12.Tana Umaga ©
    11.Jonah Lomu (Wasn't the best for the hurricanes but can't think of anyone else apart from Fleming and Bobo)
    10.David Holwell
    9.Jon Preston
    8.Filo Tiatia
    7.Kupu Vanisi
    6.Jerry Collins
    5.Paul Tito
    4.Dion Waller
    3.Neemia Tialata
    2.Norm Hewitt lol
    1.Bull Allen

    16.Gordy Slater
    17.Andrew Hore
    18.Inoke Afeaki...
    19.Rodney So'oialo
    20.Piri Weepu (Just ahead of spice)
    21.Jimmy Gopperth
    22.Ma'a Nonu
  5. welcome otara!!!..woooo sth aucklands in the house!!

    i luv these threads!!

    heres my team of the decade..the year represents there best year in my eyes

    1.craig dowd
    2.sean fitzpatrick
    3.olo brown
    4.ali williams
    5.robin brooke
    6.michael jones
    7.daniel braid
    8.zin zan brooke

    9.ofisa junior tonu'u
    10.king carlos spencer
    11.jonah lomu
    12.sam tuitpou
    13.eroni clarke
    14.rupeni caucau
    15.malili muliaina

  6. Mik

    Mik Guest

    Hello, Kiaora, Talofa...


    15. Mils Muliania
    14. Doug Howlett
    13. Eroni Clarke
    12. Walter Little ( Later Years )
    11. Jonah Lomu
    10. Carlos Spencer
    9. Ofisa Tonuu
    8. Zinzan Brooke
    7. Mark Carter
    6. Michael Jones
    5. Robin Brooke
    4. Ali Williams
    3. Olo Brown
    2. Sean Fitzpatrick
    1. Craig Dowd.

    Im a Nth Harbour Man so Otara my picks are in opposite eyes . Cant believe we had to go play for the Waikato Banner when our Home ground was in Albany. I just had to have Walter Little in the team simply because he hung around and still gave it his best after the dreaded 1998.

  7. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Brumbies team of the decade

    15. Joe Roff
    14. Graeme Bond
    13. Stirling Mortlock
    12. James Holbeck
    11. Mark Gerrard
    10. David Knox
    9. George Gregan
    8. Jim Williams
    7. George Smith
    6. Owen Finegan
    5. David Giffin
    4. Justin Harrison
    3. Patricio Noriega
    2. Jeremy Paul
    1. Bill Young

    Ben Darwin
    Marco Caputo
    Mark Chisholm
    Brett Robinson
    Stephen Larkham
    Sam Cordingly
    Mitch Hardy
  8. I would put Alex Talea way over Lomu that guy had wheels.
  9. Southern man

    Southern man Guest


    15 Evans
    14 Wilson
    13 Stanley/Alatini
    12 Leslie ©
    11 Howlett
    10 Brown
    9 Kelleher
    8 Randell
    7 Kronfeld
    6 Middleton
    5 Mailing
    4 Blaike/Ryan
    3 Hayman
    2 Oliver
    1 Hoeft

    Bench Meeuws, Willis/Hore, Blaike/Ryan, Maka, Cowan, Culhane, Alatini/Stanley

    20 All blacks
    1 Scot
  10. 1.Bull Allen
    2.Hewitt ©
    3.Gordy Slater

    17.Mike Edwards
    18.Paul Tito
  11. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    Hey Jacko,

    Aren't you missing Owen Finegan from your list?
  12. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Why yes I am... Troy Jacques will now become Melon and will swap with Bretto.
  13. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Talea over Lomu?
  14. SirBurger

    SirBurger Guest

    I am from the NH but have decided that I should support a super 14 team this year for the tournament as we get quite a lot of coverage. Who should I go for?? Burger is a favourite player of mine but I don't like many of his Stormers colleagues. I am facing a massive dilemma!! Help!! Persuade me to choose the right team [​IMG] .
  15. kaftka

    kaftka Guest


    ...Because they aren't afraid to call their uniform yellow.
  16. auckland blues my friend

    you want rugged forwards?....we got an allblack front row with the best hooker in the world in kevin mealamu..a sth african lock with ali williams and troy flavell..

    we got a 1 man maul named nick williams and a old school grunt named angus mcdonald...we also got a fine number 7 named daniel braid whos hard work sets the up our fine backline

    and you know auckland...we develop the BEST BACKS IN THE WORLD!!..its a proven fact..dont make me pull out the history book on the great players that have worn the blues jersey and the auckland npc will be unfair on the rest of clubs around the world

    just see the new talent we have...future allblack anthony tuitevake WILL BLESS AUCKLAND with the fantastic agility and speed he had last year,brent ward at the back directing the play(he reminds of a northern style type player)..also if rokocoko needs a relax then we got little waqueseduadua on the side lines...yet another fijian who poses threat with a rugby ball and a pair of boots

    ofcourse a returning to form howlett AND rokocoko..all black legendary wingers,also the side stepping and heavy hitting of rua tipoki and ofcourse the future of allblack rugby in luke mcalistair

    like i said want excitement,flair,big hits,dominating scrums,speed,intricate set plays,out standing individual runs,team work at its most entertaining...and rugby [​IMG] ..then auckland is youre team

    pick auckland...and you will not only get 1 bottle of natural glow..but 2 BOTTLES...

    call now at 0800 suzanballz...0800 suzanballz


    auckland mate..i promise you will see the most exciting team in the super14


    You want the Bulls with Bryan Habana improving his speed by 1 Sec over the off season occording to the Bulls camp, He will be a joy to watch...Jokes he has no step, But hes Dangerous.

    AUCKLAND BLUES!!! Team with Flair and as proven last yr during the NPC a team with the ability to play constructive Rugby.
  18. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Yes, but they don't wear Yellow...
  19. Yeah Lomu did **** all in the Canes jersey @ least Talea had some good tires and some good hits.
  20. If you want exciting rugby the Hurricanes or the Blues both play an expansive game the Canes have the likes or Umaga,Collins, So'oialo, Weepu etc so i hope you choose the Hurricanes they usuallu arent far or everybodys top 4 for fav S12 teams just bcoz of the way they play.
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