Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by SFRugby, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. SFRugby

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    So yesterday I was playing a game against another team and I was in the scrum. I was getting really tired and my brain was turning into mush, which made me forget to bind when I was scruming as a tightProp. The referee called me on it and told me it was dangerous not to bind. Why is it dangerous not to bind on the shoulder of the opponent? It doesn't seem that bad to me. Can anyone explain this? Thanks
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  3. well, I'm talking here as a certified ref, and sumone who used to play at that post...

    when u do not bind, u de-stabilise the scrum, u de-stabilise the scrum and there is a big chance of the scrum slipping.. and is deemed dangerous play..
    experienced prop, would bind on hands, even headgear if the opponent has one.. and it is dangerous... u might have done it coz u were tired, but it's done with a totally different purpose out there...
  4. SFRugby

    SFRugby Guest

    whats the other purpose if I may ask? Im interested....
  5. DC

    DC Guest

    its so the scrum doesnt collapse, when you dont bind youre not holding your side together and it will get wobbly and collapse, which can lead to injury for front row guys.

    plus the scrum halves get ticked off!!!
  6. Cymro

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    Also dont bind your running the risk of hurting yourself
  7. Not Binding = Hospital Pass
  8. SFRugby

    SFRugby Guest

    okey. thanks you guys
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