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well since the demo for this just came out on the xbox live and release is getting close (august 21st USA 24th Europe/Australia) I thought it was a good time to start a thread to see what the trf interest is like in this game. the game seems pretty cool and open from what I have seen with basically anything being able to be used as a weapon and ammo for your guns etc. the game has been developed by the same guys that did the system shock series and this spirtual successor seems to be the goods. imo from what I have seen this could be a potential game of the year. everything looks very well done and for an fps the amount of freedom and interaction you have with the environment could set the new benchmark for many years to come. anyway check out http://www.2kgames.com/bioshock/ for all the good info etc. I don't have a 360 so haven't been able to try out the demo yet. a pc demo is being made but the release of it is unknown at this stage.
It's the sodding spiritual successor to System Shock.

Failure is not an option.

I really hope my 360 is returned to me soon...
A review on Gamer TV gave it 5/5, but saying that, they give most games high scores. Still, it looks damn good, almost Deus Ex in style, which can't be a bad thing.
Why does everyone want to rush over and buy a 360?!

I'm going to play it on the machine it was MADE for: the PC! :p
Well I will have to wait to play Bioshock since my 360 went to the graveyard last week. I was looking into playing that game too. Looks freaky but interesting enough.
Why does everyone want to rush over and buy a 360?!

I'm going to play it on the machine it was MADE for: the PC! :p[/b]
My PC is capable of playing Unreal Tournament (1999 edition, obviously) and System Shock 2 (thankfully). It starts struggling with Doom III and Guild Wars.

I suspect trying Bioshock on my PC would cause an explosion so large, it would create a rip in the time-space continuum, where upon all of existence would inexorably be consumed by an insatiable hunger into a state of ultimate nothingness, an anti-expanse devoid of any level of conciousness.

Better to just err on the side of caution, no?
I've pre-ordered it on play, then I noticed that the demo is on Marketplace. Still this game is gonna be awesome. When you pre-order with play, you get a free bioshock face plate when the game is released.

I could probably just about run Bioshock on my pc, but with every bare minimal graphics. Bioshock is a visual masterpiece, I want to tell the difference between the Big Daddies & the little sisters :p

Go to start saving cos Blacksite: Area 51, Assassin's Creed & Halo 3 are due out soon....Oh & Fifa 08 should be out by Xmas too.
good to see some fellow trfers interested in this game. I have a pc that is a above the min specs so will be getting it on pc for sure. for me to get a decent 360 set up would require getting the 360 plus a screen/tv and a sound system too which obviously in australia costs a fair bit. I can fully understand those already with a 360 or with most of the 360 set up getting one getting the 360 version of this game. can't wait for this game not long to go now

Its starts great............then it gets far fetched and fictional

lost me on plasmids.

its open and u can do cool stuff..........but its like oblivion indoors.

if u liked trolling threw the dungeons in oblivion you'll like this

but by the demo - u go into this under water city........its under water, so i assume there is no outdoor environments, its all air locked rooms etc........to clostraphobic for me.


i will admit - this game isnt my cup of tea

but i havent been so shaken or alert/scared in a game since doom

the atmosphere is next to none, and the presentation is truly overwhelming

at one stage, i paused to have a ciggy........i was **** scared at the noises and what was around the corner.

There is a moment in the demo where water is gushing down this pathway............YOU WILL NEVER SEE A BETTER LOOKING REPLICATION OF THIS IN A VIDEO GAME TODAY.

It may grow on me, based on the benchmark quality i have in certain elements of gaming.
yeah it's pretty much the same kind of area throughout the game but it does look awesome. they had a special group of people just doing the water so it looked better than in any other game before. the guys that made this game knew what they were doing and I think the final product will be well worth it. word is that they are busting their butts off to get the pc demo out asap and they are hoping to release it before the game releases. so in a few days I will hopefully have my first taste of bioshock
The fascination with this game is, it's not your regular shooter. Using your gun isn't always the way to go. You will have to use your plasmids to take out oncoming enemies. There are a few plasmids you can gain, Ice, Fire, Electricity, and many more.
Oh no it's not scary is it? I don't want to be scared, I just want to enjoy.

Any good reviews knocking about?
I played the demo, twice now (360). I love the game, though the demo isn't that long. One of the main concerns before I first played the game was if the controls where gonna be difficult. I was very surprised to see how easy the controls are and how easy it is to switch between them. The 'Left Trigger' is to fire your plasmids abilities (using your left hand). To cycle through your abilities, you just press the Left Bumper button (shoulder). It's exactly the same with using & cycling through your weapons (using Right Trigger & Right Bumper).

This is a a scary game, alot of dark rooms, lots of noises, some from the near splicers, some weird noises. The are some cracking scripted scenes that are part of the gameplay (not cut scenes). You will see the enemies interact with each other, it actually makes you feel that this under water city used to be lived & these people just got greedy & turned evil. One great scene is you come out of a lift & around the corner, you hear a female splicer sobbing over an empty pram, it's eerie & very sad. Although as soon as you sneak up to her & electorcute her, all that sorrow goes away :p

I could go on about the demo, but if you haven't played it yet, I don't want to spoil your experience.
FYI - Just read today... X-BOX 360 prices (for basic model) are about to drop below the price of a Wii in NZ, so figure repricing will be happening worldwide.
some toys r us in the US have broken the street date and have already been selling stock of both versions of the game. *REMOVED* for both versions are apparently up already. europe and other places in the world don't seem to have stock yet and are still going with the intended release date of the 24th

xbox 360 repricing in nz confirmed.
could be good for those not keen on the pc ugrade for a game like bioshock.

360 price drop for NZ
Posted by M @ 2:24 p.m. NZST

Microsoft has lowered the price of the Xbox 360 system in New Zealand, effective immediately.

Underlining its "already terrific" value, the Xbox 360 console is now available from a recommended retail price of $450 and $650 for the Core and Pro systems respectively.

Microsoft New Zealand says the new price means there has never been a better time to jump in to Xbox 360. "The Xbox 360 console is the best-selling new-generation console in New Zealand and has proven itself as a leading platform for interactive home entertainment."

The platform's strong games line-up will be boosted with the hugely-anticipated Halo 3 in September.

David McLean, Xbox Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand, says, "Xbox 360 is all about offering consumers a choice â€" and I think we've just made that choice even easier.
wow some good news for those that want to get it on pc. as well as being sold retail in stores you can get through steam as well. this means that on 21 august you will be able to play straight away after downloading the game which you can already preload now. http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?ar...mp;id=1157&
looking like a good option for me especially with how high the aussie dollar is at the moment. it will proabbly only be about $70-80 on steam which will be 10-20 cheaper than anywhere else in australia.

edit: looks like I was slightly wrong and those of us down under in europe with steam will still have to wait until the 24th to play. the activation goes by your steam region for your install so for most of that is europe/australia/nz which means the game won't activate until august 24th. can still preload it though and just be a click away from playing on the 24th.

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