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its my 19th birthday tmoz, wooooooo lolzzzzz, wales and canada tonight, im going to see a cover band of the stereophonics before the game, all fun and good, then hitting the city after, lolzzzz. happy birthday me, yeah?

how bout some plus rep as a birthday pressie
im 19 now


im gunna drink all day tmoz, in fact im just gunna carry on drinking, and not go to bed. lolzzzz

haha my mate had a fight wif my other mates g/f was proper nuts, shes a filthy lil gutter hoe though. yeah
Happy belated birthday.

Enjoy it while you can... It's all downhill once you hit 21! :eek:
Hey Happy belated birthday mate...

and like teh mite said down hill from 21 :(
umm, its not belated my brithday is today, i just went out last night, not the best idea tho, i feel like a soar bear... all my life i was wishing the years away to get to 18, now i just want them to stop, be like peter pan.
it is indeed, the f***ing band were cancelled last nite, it was there nite off, stuped tossers, i only spent a tenner last nite, and i was royaly smashed like a judge, i love birthdays, everyone bought me a drink, except one of my mates who is a tight fisted *******, although he is between jobs, and was only drinking halfs all night, so ill let him off.

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