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  1. What does everyone prefer? I have a pair of eight stud Canterburt rugby boots which I use for heavy ground, but I recently got a pair of six stud Adidas football boots which it feels as though I can run a shade quicker in, although they don't have quite the same level of support as specifically designed rugby boots. Which does everyone value as more essential in this department, stability or speed?
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  3. neh

    neh Guest

    yea those new plastic sprigs or wateva u call em are great on a dry paddock they are nice and lite so they are comfy to run in i had to pairs this season those for dry ground and steal sprigs for the wet
  4. I used to always wear football boots customized with rugby studs.

    I had one pair of Gilbert boots that I loved, though. I wore them for a year and a bit and used the hell out of them. They were nice. But cheap football boots were just fine with me.
  5. Dom

    Dom Guest

    It just depends on your position really, if you're a forward then you need solid boots with good sprigs, especially in the wet, if you're a back however you need light boots with shorter sprigs that allow you to run. It really depends on the conditions though, if you are a forward playing on hard ground you need shorter sprigs as having longer ones which aren't sticking into the ground makes it more likely for you to roll your ankles etc
  6. Well then you will laugh at this i have a pair of puma football boots six sprigs and i play openside [​IMG] but then again my parents brought them coz they were cheap
  7. I buy all my boots coz they're cheap. The combined total of both my pairs of boots comes to less than the cost of one pair for a lot of people I know.
  8. cavan

    cavan Guest

    i've nevr spent more than 50 euro on boots. What's the difference anyway? Some people spend like 150 and they play like shite anyways.
  9. as a back you still want fairly large studs because of sidestepping and whatnot. I've found that it's extremely frustrating sometimes to have to use football cleats because the spikes wear out and it's a molded sole so you can't replace them. That's why I use rugby ones now.
  10. You can get soccer ones that have the same base as rugby ones, and change the cleats. That's what I've always done -- and as noted above, considerably cheaper. I find that most soccer boots are a lot lighter as well (I was a centre)
  11. MarkHK

    MarkHK Guest

    I had the caterbury boots with the large studs but ive recently stated wearing football boots because the ground where i live is very hard and the canterbury ones are uncomfortable.
  12. rugged

    rugged Guest

    In Brisbane you never need anything more than just blades.
  13. melon

    melon Guest

    My favourite pair of boots i have ever had were a pair of Mizuno's, they covered my ankle and they were really comfortable and they had 8 sprigs.............when i had 2 get a new pair [​IMG] i tried 2 get the same kind but they dont make em any more [​IMG] but no ive got an 8 sprig pair of asics gel they are great.
  14. I wear Steel Studded Canterbury Kahas and prefer rugger boots over football boots. We need them here considering the ground is usually like a wet mop due to the fact all the snow has melted and the frost has gone away.
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