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  1. busbeepbeep

    busbeepbeep Guest

    I play in the front row. I am looking for a good pair of boots. I wear a size 12, but I have a wide foot (usually wear 4E width tennis shoes). I got a pair of CCC Hiko boots but they were uncomfortable. I suppose I can get a bigger size, but no one makes a 12.5 and 13 is too long.

    Any recommendations for a good, wide boot suitable for soft ground front row play?

    just saw the equipment forum, please move this post if it is in the wrong place

    also, another problem is there are no local shops that sell rugby boots, so I have the difficulty of ordering a shoe on the internet and hoping it works out
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    When I play prop i had a pair of Mizuno mid cut and Asics mid cut boots, which were both much wider than the traditional nikes and boots like that.

    Mizuno are the way to go for wide feet though, well in my opinion anyway :)
  4. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    All I know what boots that best suits all foward positions are the number of studs they have underneath it. Our All Black fowards have Adidas boots with 8 studs. The backs have 6. I know it sounds irrelevant to your "wide boot" problem but just pointing that out as an extra tip. :D
  5. robinweide

    robinweide Guest

    I've the same propblem mate.
    The mizuno wave mid is extremely good IMO.
    The timaru boot is also nice.
    They are both equipped witch high heel, hard nose and soft-ground studs.
    Maybe worth to take a look at ;)
  6. busbeepbeep

    busbeepbeep Guest

    Does anyone have a link to store selling the Mizuno Wave rugby boots? I see a lot of Mizuno Cup and Timaru boots but no wave. What makes it harder to search is the Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe dominate all the search results.
  7. i find in the type of game that i play i.e not first team bt 2ndeam for a national side and also the more fast paced colts side that i can get away with wearing 6 studded boots at prop i think its all a matter of preferance and finding a pair your comfortable with. in fact i wear boots that usually are never seen in the forwards nevermind front row - a pair of white "nike pace vapor's"
  8. danroadking

    danroadking Guest

    Try Sports Authority, I bought my Adidas boots there and no problems at all, after that you can order XL cleats on-line and I use size 14 boots
  9. Illtud

    Illtud Guest

    dont bother with any nikes or adidas Kooga or Canterbury CCC
  10. busbeepbeep

    busbeepbeep Guest

    don't bother with any of those brands? then which brand should i get?
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    don't bother with any of those brands? then which brand should i get?

    Forget about what Illtud said. Idiocy.
    • Any NOMIS boot
    • Any MIZUNO boots
    The following Adidas boots are recommended:
    • +F50.7 Tunit (Steer clear of the cheaper +F50.6 and +F30.7)
    • +Predator Absolute TRX or XTRX (steer clear of the +Predator Absolion)
    • "Finger Print" Predator Pulse 2
    The following Nike boots are recommended:
    • Air Zoom Total 90 Supremacy
    • Air Zoom Total 90 III
    • Mercurial Vapor III
    • Mercurial Vapor III Ronaldo R9
    • Total 90 Laser
    The following Lotto boots are recommended:
    • Vento Concept
    • Zhero Gravity
    • Zhero Mito
    The following Puma boots are recommended:
    • v-Konstrukt Gci
    • v-Konstrukt II Gci (pretty much the same as original ones)
    What you read here is by no means what boot you should get. Don't listen to anyone too much, because everyone's foot is different and different people require different boots. The best thing is to use this as a guide and go and try these on. Even boots not mentioned here you should try. Don't just go for the most expensive or best looking boot. The boot that feels right is the one for you.
  12. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    For the record, I wouldn't recommend the Mercurial Vapors if you have wide feet. My feet are slightly bigger than average width, and I find the Vapors to be a bit small in the width department.
  13. K-Pac

    K-Pac Guest

    try e-bay . my mate has size 18 feet! he gets all his boots off e-bay. usually sent over from the states
  14. busbeepbeep

    busbeepbeep Guest

    Hey guys, still no new boots for me.

    Anybody have any experience with the Asics Gel-Lethal?

    I wear a US 12 in Asics running shoes. Does anybody know how these fit? They look like they would be comfortable, as I'd prefer a cushioned shoe like this.

    What about the new Gilbert forwards shoe? Anyone tried it?

    Also, I heard the CCC Rampage fits wider than the CCC Hiko that I already have. Anybody confirm that?

    Thanks for the help.
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