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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by NZL Fan, Aug 3, 2005.

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    OK if you're interested I've done a review in exactly the same style as my cricket 2005 review(that scored 4/10). Note I am basing the review on player vrs computer (not multiplayer) as this is the most commonly used mode. Here goes.......

    Heard alot about this game prior to purchasing it. Very mixed reaction from the public, so after about 3 days solid play here are my thoughts........

    Before the first ball: The good - You see the toss being made and the pitch before deciding what to do if you win the toss. Nice weather effects. The bad - menus are a little "playstation one" looking, and the graphics are below what you expect from a sports title of today. In unlicensed modes outside of ICC trophy and world cup no real names (which you can change) and no real faces except for Lara/Ponting (which you can't change), unlicenced squads are very small and are not up to date by any stretch(M.Richardson in there?,no H.Marshall??)

    However its the gameplay thats the most important thing (think the PES series for instance), so lets look at that in more detail........

    Bowling:The good - LOTS of fun, swing/seam well implemented, special balls a nice addition, easy to control, better sense of speed of ball when bowling at good pace, pitch wear well implemented, different ball types have different abilities,able to bowl a succession of overs VERY quickly, no 100% certain method of dismissing batsman (ala EA cricket 2005)The bad:Bowlers fluctuate in their speeds by too large a margin, unrealistic that some bowlers are able to bowl certain deliveries they can not in real life (ie. Vettori able to easily spin the ball both ways).

    Overall Brian Lara cricket 2005 is the most fun any developer has EVER made bowling in a video game.

    Fielding: the good - easy to do (maybe hard for some to master), and quick, different catching animations. The bad - ALWAYS throws to the batsmans end, sometimes the animation doesn't quite occur as it should during catching (ie. ball looks to have hit the ground), doesn't appear to be any "normal" catches (except for the caught and bowls every catch appears to be an "athletic" feat). No overthrows or misfields (except dropped catches).

    Put simply this is the first time I have successfully been able (or wanted) to field in any cricket game - that fact alone gives the implementation of this the thumbs up.

    Computer batting AI: the good: Doesn't take any stupid runs, no 100% certain way to dismiss batsmen, top order batsman generally hard to dismiss as are "star" players The bad: The computer does not pace itself at all well (VERY poor), it doesn't run singles when it hits well timed shots to fielders on the boundary (even though you can take singles off these with ease).

    The computer batting AI is poor, and this is a major let down when playing one day matches against the computer.

    Batting: The good: Some nice shot animations, ability to score boundaries along the ground with timing and shot placement, easy to pick up and play (maybe not to master on harder levels though), able to deflect the ball for runs when defending The bad:Inability to play any shot at any time (ie. the sweep shot), no front foot/back foot choice, no charge down the wicket, some weird ball physics/shot animations (ie. straight drive for six looks like you are hitting over mid wicket, ball TOO often gets edged for six).

    Batting is OK, but wasn't the batting in the original Shane Warne cricket more rewarding (if not a little too easy)?? Batting feels a little "hap hazard", with shot selection more in the computers hands then your own (more control to the player I say!!).The difficulty is good but its not as fun and innovative as the bowling.

    Computer bowling AI: The good: Mixes it up well, feels like you are facing good bowlers when playing against Lee, McGrath. The bad: Not a lot - perhaps if you were being picky the amount of "slow balls" bowled, and the fact all "no balls" are slow balls......

    Overall impression

    So is this the "great coming"?? I'd like to say yes but the niggles in the computer AI ruins this game somewhat. This is especially evident in the one day games when any reasonable batting performance will win you games due to the very poor pacing of the computer batting AI. On most occasions this results in the computer
    plodding along at a VERY pedestrian run rate (even if it is not losing wickets) before deciding with a few overs to go (and too many runs to get) to have a bash, usually to no avail. Adding to this is the fact that the computer refuses to run singles when hitting to men on the boundary (also reducing the runouts of computer player near impossible). All this takes the fun out of the one dayers, hence reduces the game to playing test matches for a challenge (unless you're able to play a little multiplayer).

    Fortunately the test matches are less affected by the computer pacing deficiencies, and this is where the game shines, making tests very enjoyable, and challenging to play (a first). This would be the best "test match" mode in any cricket game to date from both a batting and bowling perspective.

    Bowling in all modes is great fun, however more control in the batting is needed. Too often you want to play a certain shot but the computer decides to play another for you. Codemasters have gone on record as saying the "sweep" shot is in the game, but it is as rare as the dodo bird, and is never played when you need it most (ie. against the spinners). For one I have never seen it. Some times you'll want to drive straight off the backfoot, only to drive off the front and mistime an easy caught and bowled, which is a little frustrating.

    In a nutshell this game is a lot of fun in test match mode, and in multiplayer even better as it takes away the somewhat dodgy computer AI. One dayers are a little disappointing because of this as a lot of the excitement of cricket is in the pajama game. If Codeys build on this first effort (ie. improve the batting to the same standard/control as the bowling, better editing tools, expand the "career" option, improve graphics) then we should finally start to experience our first really excellent cricket games.

    Lets just call this the Stacey Jones rugby league game of the cricketing world - 7/10
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  3. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I disagree...

    get a bigger set.

    I give it 83/100 versus the cpu

    and 92/100 versus users (and I haven;t even played one yet!!! lol!!!!!!! [​IMG] )

  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    also..many of your assertions are entirely need to have played more...why do you think I didn't write up a big review of the game has too much depth....and things that happen you don't know about yet obviouly...

    Just for example:

    There ARE misfields...I have seen many on normal shots NOT catches and some have resulted in extra run(s)...

    The secret ball can happen against you with out it being enabled....when AI gets desperate...

    The throw to the keeper is irrelevant in many your throws should be bullets..maybe timing is an issue? [​IMG]

    I mean you actually say that a bad thing is the fact that the ai doesn't take any "stupid runs"!!!?


    That's a good thing folks.

    Overall I give the game the following score calculated on the main ingredients:

    - Graphics - 8.5
    - Sound - 9
    - Gameplay - 9
    - Lifespan - 10
    - multiplayer - 9.5?
    - options - 9
    - ai - 8.5
    - enjoyment - 9

    I give it a solid 9 out of 10.

    Maybe after weeks of it, it will be an 8.5 game.....but what other games can claim that?

    7 out of 10!!!!?

    Like sjnrl?


  5. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    To be fair I could only stomach Ea sports cricket 2005 for about a day before reviewing, so to be fair I reviewed Lara for a shorter time frame as well..........

    Proper "misfields" like those programmed in cricket 2005 do not happen at all, neither do overthrows. I know what you refer to, but what I am talking about is well timed shots "blasting" through a fielder once in a while.

    Read again about the computer taking "stupid runs", it was a "good".

    Throw to the keeper issue just seems to be a little silly (ie. unrealistic) - if they make batsmen have different running speeds in future versions then the ability to throw to either end would be a must.

    I'm pretty happy with the review, I think generally it is positive without overlooking some of the blatent flaws of the game (ie. computer pacing when chasing). It is also consistant with what game ranking sites like (rating between 7-8, user reviews around 7-7.5).

    If PES4/Madden are 9-10/10 then this game is still somewhat short of those in terms of overall gameplay, computer AI, graphics, editing options,numbers of teams and players, longevity (especally with poor computer AI in onedayers), master league/franchise modes.

    To suggest this game is worthy of the same mark as those games is laughable..........though as I concluded in the review it IS a lot of fun, and the best cricket game to date.

    I compared it to SJRL in the belief that like that title this game will be hugely improved upon in its next version (with bugs/problems ironed out), and COULD be as good as some of the best sports games on the market - as it stands it ain't quite there yet..........
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I have to disagree with this point about the batting

    There's more control in batting than any other cricket game

    If a random type of shot is played - that u never intended - it is because u have selected the wrong type of shot for that line and length

    getting caught and bowled off the front foot - this is because it was pitched long enuff for the front foot animation yet too short for a drive - ie u just got done, covers, or mid wicket would have been the right option.

    Sweep shot is in the game - I have seen it a few times now - it is rare, but the leg glance is more effective anyway - yet prone to LBW's - like real life

    IMO the batting can only get better with a back foot shot, and stepping down the ptich - nothing else is needed........

    It is evidented if u have selected the wrong shot - the timing bar is small (even if u have maxed confidence)
    I have never been out when the timing bar is huge - even if i time it wrong - at the black spots - coz the bar range is huge it means my shot selction was right, just my timing out

    I like the review - however it seems the emphasis was on the bad points - AI running, Bowling speed etc -

    I think this needs to be added at the bottom

    "Is BLIC worth buying"......a big fat "you'd be nuts NOT to"
  7. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Again - NO!!!!!!!!!!

    There are blasted shots, off shots that are fumbl;ed on the boundary, drop catches etc..................

    The batting is awesome..

    the entire system of confidecne versyus timing versus secret balls etc etc is one of the best implemented sytems in sports gaming history.

    If you think this game is a 7 out of 10 and 'consistent' with gaming sites (I think this is actually WHY you gave it this score and WHY? When the high scores the 80+ are from those who play cricket and like it...and the others are not or are pre EA...that is what creates that average dude!!!) - you don't like cricket.

    You'll say you do - but you don't really. This game is for lovers of cricket - pure and simple.

    Who have tried to give a trendy low review...and I frankly think it is a cop out.

    and misleading to this game, pre-order this game, hell, steal this game!!!!!!!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    You're starting to sound like those EA fanboys who get ultra defensive when someone dares criticise their game [​IMG]

    Not influenced by anything - just pointing out that average reviews from "Joe Bloggs" consumers and professional reviewers (whatever faith you have in them) is along the same lines..........just because my review isn't high enough for your tastes doesn't make it a "cop out". Even the pro codeys people on the codemasters forum are acknowledging that there are some issues in the game that hinder its full potential.

    As pointed out if Ea sports cricket 2005 is a 4/10, and PES4 is a 9 (possibly a 10)/10 then 7/10 would seem to be right for a game that is fun to play, but is let down by some poorly implemented computer AI (unlike PES4 for instance)........

    By all means I advocate buying it because it is undoubtably the best cricket game to date, and is fun to pick up and play (especially test matches)

    For instance I just had a 20 over game Pakistan (me) vrs England (comp) on test level (before you ask I work for myself and took a "lunch break").

    On a good wicket they batted first and without trying to make any runs they were out for a poor 58. The first two wickets fell by the comp. playing on to the leg stump trying to glance the ball fine (this happens at least once EVERY game for me now - the first small "gliche" I have noticed), and 5 of the other 8 wickets were caught by the third man (the comp. playing the same shot over and over...). After 10 overs they were 16 for 2 (pacing is sorely missing)..................AI is very poor (not to mention you are doing something wrong if you can't get all the tail enders out with successive balls).

    Thats a massive problem with the one dayers and drags the overall score for the game down somewhat........I also suspect the developers had a "run out gliche" (like EAs cricket 2004), which they fixed by stopping the computer controlled batsmen running anything that was well timed to the boundary fielders (even though you can yourself easily run a single in the same circumstance).

    You can't just ignore that there is a programming issue there.......
  9. zifajee

    zifajee Guest

    Very good review NZL fan and this game can be base for excellent next versions.I am eye to eye with you that batting is limited and not as fun as Ea but otherwise this game is really nice in bowling department.
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i agree to some extent with the AI run chasing

    but will disagree to the fullest with these common dismisalls u are getting

    no game feels the same with me

    one game i have 3 bowled, and 7 lbw - all bowler
    next game i have 3 catches, 1 knick, 1 LBW and the rest bowled

    i know no game plays the same as i have been keeping stats on paper

    cricket is 50% stats - i need them, and am making my own ways to make the experience more enjoyable - even tho it already is

    seeing i am keeping these stats tracked - i have proof, of the variety of different patterns each game has with relation to weather, pitch and teams

    crap pitch - more bowled and LBW
    good pitch - more catches

    you either play a monotonous gameplan, and get the same dimissals, or you always have the same conditions or something

    it is not a glitch at all

    every game has a programming issue - just depends how big, and BLIC dont have anything major to deter you from rating it

    the biggest glitch in the game is the stat tracking - which fails miserablye with ur create-a-player - hence my scorebooks!!!!!
  11. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Yeah forgot to mention the lack of stat tracking in the game (isn't a real biggy for me but many people love that sort of thing).........

    ........from memory didn't Shane Warne cricket have a full tracking system for everything under the sun?? strange they cant have the same many years on??

    That last game I mentioned did seem to contain a lot of third man dismissals - was just bowling a line just short of a length, just outside off stump.......they do tend to play in the air alot down that way though when they finally do try and attack. I do get the leg side glance into leg stump quite often though (especially left arm over to right handed batsman) - computer batsman tends to get too far across their stumps at times leaving leg stump exposed.'d think giving a game 7/10 was a major disaster!! [​IMG] (out of 100 I would have rated it around 74%), 7-8 to me is a very good game and I still enjoy the challenge of the tests.............especially good result for a company making their very first cricket game on the PS2/Xbox.

    Ak: what do you think of my "runout glitch" conspiracy theory then?? [​IMG]
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    In comparison to my 85% for Blics (90%) multiplayer review score...

    I gave cricket 2005 = 1.8....

    check the archive post on it.

    I am not a fan boy of developers...I am a fanboy of gameplay.

    I play and own nothing but sports titles...I have owned and played hundreds....massive tournaments....etc etc.....

    I currently own -

    NBA 2K5
    Gallop Racer 2
    Colin McRae Rally 2005

    and Blics...

    I cleaned out Madden 2005, PES4 and others.....

    and I regret nothing.

    Blics is, as a game of pace, enjoyment, realism and skill, as good as them. In terms of recreating EVERY last aspect of the sport in question, Madden 2005 and PES4 are what! WTF!!!! [​IMG]

    Compare it with PES1 or 2 and with Madden 2001 or 2 and you will find that Blics annihilates them.

    Cricket 2002 has much better gameplay than cricket 2005 as does cricket 2004. I am not a fanboy, I am an astute judge however of sports games on consoles as I have almost 20 years racked up on them and them ALONE. Very few fps etc and NO beat em ups etc.....
    Certain things are left out but there are vertrually NIL in temrs of 'faults'.

    The game is very, very solid indeed. I thought it would be good, so could have been disappointed, instead it was even better than I had thought.

    99% of lbw decisions are bang on!!! It is mint.

    I was dismissed by Lee the other day, leaving a ball that swung late and seamed and clipped the edge of off stump in a gaming moment of realism and lapsed concentration that was better than any free kick from 30+ metres I nailed in PES4 or try out of the ingoal in league to win a game I ever experienced. For a moment I was not even playing a game.
    Cricket is all about atmosphere and I want to know the conditions you are playing this game etc....

    Either your 7s are others' 9s, or your score is obscene IMO.

    I think you look like a fanboy actually, reviewing the game "only versus ai because that is how most people play ir"..... [​IMG] ........

    firstly: How hard is it to drum up ONE person? ONE!!?
    secondly: Does that mean we can nadly review games like "speed freaks", ignoring that it was one of the greatest MP games of all time...NO...that is why it got 10s etc.
    thirdly: The single player game is what I play almost exclusively BY CHOICE....It is so immersive and excellent, the pressure is real, the joys, the disappointments etc are wonderful..

    No offence, but your score tells me one thing only: that you may take yourself a bit seriously dude. Just chill out and play (at 100mph) the magnificence that is this game.
    Cricket is limited and is this game. So are MANY sports games....League translates to gaming better BECAUSE it is simpler.

    7 out of 10!!!?


    I am no fanboy, trust me, but your review speaks of intentional negativity anyway.....the other, uglier side of the coin.

    Saying it is the best cricket game over and over like you have been nice about the game is silly IMO....because it is the best cricket game by a country MILE. It is not even in the same ball park as cricket 2002, 2004 or 2005. It is a wonderous, optioned-up, graphiced-up version of the SNES super international cricket game, which was previously, along with Brian Lara 99', the greatest cricket game ever produced.

    I have allegiences though, sure............

    To gameplay.


    Of course you have a right to review it with a 4 out of 10 if you want, but as a gamer and lover of cricket, I must point consumers and fellow forum members a more appropriate direction....much as ak is doing. This has nothing to do with our previous hiccups NZL Fan [​IMG] .... The game is just a keeper (excuse the pun) and the people have a right to it. If you are a slightly stoic or, dare I say it, unco-ordinated person, then cricket 2005 would be your safer option [​IMG]
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i do believe trying to get a good balance AI running smart or running dumb would be very hard

    although i have missed a run-out chance - i could have got one - thats all i needed was the sniff - coz i know they exist now - as long as they exist, and not common, i am fine with it

    to fix the non-running issue - was suggested in other thread - move fine leg to short fine leg - AI then starts to hit other shots to mid-wicket

    keep in mind there are occasions where the run IS NOT on - so the AI is doing fine with that

    I agree with all that was said about the AI run rate
    but cricket is one of those games where u dont always want a result, but push for personal milestones - 50's, 100's, really once i have finished all game modes, it will only be 2 player action, and personal goals

    I remember playing Warnies 99 till the death.......but didnt bowl very much once i beat the game modes....coz my personal goals are batting related - in which the AI run prob doesnt really bother me once i have clocked the game

    Cricket is one of the only sports where sometimes its you v the record books - not U v AI
  14. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    I HATE Los's rants just cause he doesn't agree to what you say.

    ill only pick out one point really that bugged me that los said.

    just about the reviewing the game as a single player aspect. nothing wrong with that, and it can be hard to find one person who likes to actually play sports games let alone a cricket sports game. hell i don't know ANYONe of my gaming friends that will touch a sport game. i am the only one.

    and maybe 2 or 3 of my cricket mates will actually play cricket on ps2/xbox/pc none of them would normally touch a gaming console.

    nothing wrong with it nz fan i am just sick of los picking bits and pieces out of other peoples views. its your opinion not loses [​IMG]

    ps just ordered the game myself, was goign to way for RPIC but i couldn't wait just from what los was saying on the other thread, and this review of yours. so i will be able to judge for myself [​IMG]
  15. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Ak: Do you think if they tightened up the difficulty on the batting of Shane Warne cricket, and brought it into 2005 (improved graphics etc) it would suppass the batting in Brian Lara cricket 2005??

    I just remember batting being especially enjoyable way back then (bowling in that game sucked big ones though), and the range of shots seemed better........

    Leg glance, sweep, on and off drives, pulls, hooks, late cut, square cut, straight drive all seemed more accessable (ie. you could play them at will), and you were able to chip shots into the outfield with more ease.............maybe I just have a case of "jonah Lomu rugby best rugby game ever disease" [​IMG]
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    IMO the NZL Fan review is the type u'd find in magazines and gaming sites

    This is a sporting site for fans, if ur on here u love cricket, not gaming

    If you love cricket and love gaming, BLIC is hands down ur wife for life

    I only questioned the integrity for the benefit of the browsers in here, that they werent detered by the emphasis of the bad stuff in BLIC...coz it is telegraphing its flaws than moreso its advantages

    For those reading all this undecided - just rent before u buy...but i feel for the video store owner, as he'll have to order more, for the ones not getting returned!!
  17. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I find the AI, quite surprising, in a desperate attempt to get the total me and my bro set in the 1dayer....The sri lankan number 6 towards the end of the 20 over game...hit four sixes off my brother in the last over.....and my brother is a very good bowler in the game.....once taking a hatrick (bowled, lbw, lbw).

    runs are taken to fine leg and third more.

    they won't go if they clipped it straight to the man OR too hard (as a perfect throw will cut them too close or run them out), if they play it away from you or lightly, they often take runs. This has happened several times in only the 2 tests I have played (well, 1 and 3/4)...

    tonight I go for jugular, edneavouring to take down Aussie in the 4th innings...I will have to bowl them out for their lowest innings in the series thus far - less than 234 - but I am WELL pumped to do it, and having been thinking lengths, lines, as, like the real aussies they seem to have individual weaknesses or tendancies...Gilchrist attacks, Ponting times everything very well, but not early...etc......I will have to take my chances. I am scared of a crucial out field catch going up...I haven't had one yet (with the bar style)....have taken keeper and slip catches obviously.

    hey AK!! How emotional is it when you get hit in the head etc (your created player) by a quicky.....I love this game!!!

    Blics.......It's in the game.

  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    that disease runs like the plague

    Jonah the outbreak monkey

    its that bad - he poluted my memory of Warnie 99, so i had to play it again 3 yrs ago, coz Cricket 2002 got me wondering, new console, 3 yrs later, whats doing??

    after playing warnies again - i took cricket 2002 back

    I have not had the same experience with BLIC - BLIC smashes Warnies 99

    I think the timing bar and confidence and battle within the war outweighs the proper shot animations 99 had

    I think u can hit in tighter lines in BLIC 2005 - more accurate shot placement

    With new look, sound, game modes - It owns
    There are some things that Warnie did better
    There are more things BLIC does better

    Knocking the sticks outta the ground is the greatest sound i have heard from my 5.1 surround sound - its soo bloody real...sounds like a real match when u walk out of the room - Warnies stump sound was "Crash" - sound like glass breaking on glass - these little suttle differences in the authentic direction (even to expected) has made my day!!!
  19. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Do you mind if I pick out the whole point of your thread then?

    Because you TOTALLY ignored what i said next:


    unbelieveable bro!!

    I said: "I play the single player BY CHOICE because it is so immersive etc"....

    It was even in CAPS, and you ignored it. Use the facts to shape your argument please Woosah. thanks. I have the game and I don't agree with nzl fan, if you think that was rant, just ignore my posts from now on. thanks. [​IMG]

    I have a right to be excited about a game so well put together. For too long we have been deprived.

    Funny, no one questioned NZL fan's desire to speed a review up on a public forum after a few hour's play.....I find that misleading and irresponsible and the findings he made, in terms of (IMO) its innaccuracies etc, reflect this.

    I've clocked almost 20 hours in 4 days.....and I wouldn't dare review it. might find I actually object to what NZL fan did WAY more than you do to my who decides whose gripe is more important?


    The game is very good....AK agrees.....NZL fan thinks it is a 7 out of decide the following:

    a/ who you think has played it more
    b/ who plays exclusively sports titles more often
    c/ who likes cricket more
    d/ who knows what the gamers/people want

    I'm not saying this is easy, or even possible, but I implore you to not let this title go begging. It is too fun, and it gets even better whe you get better.....From certain comments, in such a short time, IMO, I have deduced that NZL fan may be approaching his tactics like it is an EA sports title...the game responds to genuine cricketing tactics, lines and lengths, and correct shot choices....there are sweeps... there are misfields, there are runs (albeit seldom) to anally placed double third mans and fine legs......Just HOW anyone thinks that is a regular cricket field to set is so beyond me [​IMG] [​IMG] ...I mean do you play number 8s at centre in rugby? That is not cricket (don't excuse the pun)

    I suggest you play cricket and you might discover the games within the game that you may or may not have been missing. Or when you get sick of it, you could maybe send it to chiro or something....he'd friggin' love it.

  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    every day i go home i start my gameplan in my thoughts whilst commuting

    no game has made me do that

    its soo bloody good - i sound like a fanboy

    am i embarressed to sound like one - no - i am proud to go out on a limb for others to take note of the great spectical

    I have semi expected the love to die - like most games....but its still growing after a week.........this is in PES' league now

    u only gotto look at these threads
    the amount of talk, and wanting to telegraph ur experiences - is enuff to suggest we are proud of what we play, and want all to hear about it, or jump in and share thoughts, tactics, results

    ak47 - reminds himself he has alot or work piling-up.........screw it I have BLIC priorities, and the 3 hours per night sleep doesnt help...screw u Brian, u are doing my life over, socially, professionally and now i am nocturnal..good thing the Ashes are in England, .........mmmmmm nocturnal!
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest true <<sighs>>

    anyway, sorry to all if I was being forceful before, trying not to fall back into those ol' tricks.....But I just feel like AK feels he captures the feeling of it very well.

    There si a chance one might not like the game if one does not love games and cricket in a way that would have you feel like that (AK clearly does). That is not an insult, as I can see how some would think it was silly. But for me, this is it at the mo'....and yes,

    all day I have been thinking about knocking off aussie for 234 or tie the test series 1-1....or go to an almost unassailable 2-0 deficit.....or will the rain come? and keep the series rain so far...and it is day three....

    [​IMG] .......actually have butterflies...and as keen as I am to watch the test start tonight (yes I watch the ashes though I am a kiwi, and yes, I support england - it is an underdog thing AK, I have no probs with the aussies, well....sort of...but it cuts both ways as you know bro!! [​IMG] )...........But I am aware that the Blics must take the latter I am actually playing!!


    Must improve on scores of 1, 21, 24, 21........Bugger!!! still it is those damned aussies...

    special ball from ai when desperate with out it enabled.....was that in the review?

    No - see, for me, it reads like an overview of the game if you were doing a review, looking only for faults, because you didn't want to miss any with your limited time with the game. You review a game when you have seen all it has to offer...

    THAT IS WHY - you played EA for an hour or so before reviewing it....

    doing the same for blics was SO wrong IMO (IMO, IMO...but it is right! lol!!), because it requires days of play before a review goes didn't want to miss one perceived fault under the pressure of this time line (which was poor judgement IMO) and the resulting score speaks for itself......IMO.

    Enough IMOs for everyone...? cool woosah?


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