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Broadcasting of top 14 in the UK and Ireland

Simon the kiwi

Academy Player
Jun 16, 2019
I've been finding a Peery had to find information on the broadcasting
of the top 14 information in the UK and Ireland can't find any information on sky sports so that anyone know what the broadcasting rights for the UK and Ireland.
Searched everywhere on the Internet for any information on top 14 on uk and Irish tv. Looks like I have to go on dodgy sites
If you do find any way to watch it (and it is not in breach of the rules of this site) can you post a link?
I stream PRO14 matches on ESPN+. Can you stream it in Europe? If so, it's a great deal. It's only 5 dollars a month (US) and even less if you subscribe for a year. They also stream SupeRugby, Major League Rugby and International matches. And they let you watch the matches on demand if you can't view them live.
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Premier Sports have the rights in the UK and offer a streaming only plan. You would have to use a UK VPN though.

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