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Top 14 - Phase Régulière.

Incredible final.

Ntamack doesn't have his best game. Kicks the ball out full in the final 5 mins, then runs 50m to score with wining try with 90 seconds left.
Clubs produce their own players
not to participate that much in the circle jerk but you can tell that the Rochelle family is 50 guys while the Toulouse one is generations of players turned academy coaches.
Always such a weird thing to say post final

If they're **** then what does that make you?
The fan support in French club rugby is mental. Truly on another level.
After a decade of Parisian's domination, French Rugby as spread in small French towns from east south, and mainly from west south, towns that often had an old rivalry that take his source on middle ages. That rivalry remain, at least sportingly, intact. We call it "L'esprit de clocher" literally "steeple spirit" or parochialism. That's why supporters are so enthousiastics.

Edit : And what a performance from Jack Willis, the lad was everywhere.
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Anyone watching toulon v racing? Far from a flawless game by any measure but quite, quite entertaining.

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