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Calling all writers



We are looking to recruit a number of new writers to become involved in the TRF Press Corps.

This will involve writing articles in the build up to, and during, the Rugby World Cup. Examples of what we are in the process of producing include 'Road to World Cup' guides, players to watch and match reports, among many other projects.

Your writing will spearhead our drive to be the number one rugby site for RWC debate and information, and will be viewed by the thousands who will flock to TRF during the tournament.

This position will allow you to develop your writing skills and be a source of information for rugby supporters across the globe.

Be warned though, you must be fully committed. We will require you to work within a team, as well as having good individual motivation and communication skills. Your writing must also display technical accuracy, as we do not have time to completely rewrite every article due to poor grammar or spelling.

If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with either myself or St_Helens_RLFC. Examples of writing would be appreciated, but are not at all necessary - just show some enthusiasm and drive to do well.

Particularly looking for some representatives from the Southern Hemisphere, but any applications will be welcomed.

Hope to hear from some budding journalists soon.


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