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Can someone look at my gameplay and tell me why I am turning the ball over?


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Feb 27, 2017
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It's the contested rucks.

Not entirely sure how to read the circular meter. Do I want it to fill blue?

So my current process is this, run, get tackled, press Square once to fight off contest, hit quick bind if I am out on the edges away from my forwards, if I am inside I hit heavy bind. I tap bind either way 2 maybe 3 times.

Am I supposed to wiggle the RS to move the ball back towards my pick up man? I do sometimes but can't figure out if it does anything or if it's just me wiggling the RS while the games animation plays out.


I am England
Wiggling the right stick won't do anything. It's just about bringing players into bind. If you are losing a lot of rucks I would look at the game sliders.
Ah ok would be a cool mechanic if moving the RS helped cycle the ball out quicker.

Can the ball not be moved back towards pickup if you don't have a certain amount of players in the ruck?

I watch the AI to try to copy their methods and they are able to get the ball out so much quicker than me.
I think the CPU almost exclusively uses heavy bind. But yeah the fact you have to wait for your circle to fill up is awful.
Yeah I was watching Wales Scotland and wales did a cool little pick and go, player was tackled, 1 bind came in on the left and slightly angled the ruck, ball rolled out and the 9 quickly picked up and scooted. It all took like 3 seconds tops and looked sweet.

No matter what I try I can't replicate that in this game.

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