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Canterbury vs. Waikato


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Aug 31, 2010
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New Zealand

Pretty big game going on right now.

Waikato have a good lead, sounds like the locals are giving Donald pleanty of verbal. Personally I hope he had a big game and Waikato have a good win so he can rub their noses in it. :)

I dont like 2:30 kick offs on working days :( want to watch this game.
pretty impressive win for waikato, bonus point as well.

Some nice touches from kahui, importantly he kept Fruen out of the game with his defence. Interestingly Fruen only really came into the game after Kahui went off. Donald was also good in the face of a hostile crowd. Alex Bradley was good too though he's been up and down with his performances this season.

Not much action in the ITM cup forum. I think it's been a fantastic comp so far with many interesting games. The Naki vs. BoP match the other day was epic, totally epic.

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