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The Robinson ball punch too much?
Want to see players slam dunking the posts?

Maybe you like the Contemponi idea? Score then run into the stand and applaud your try ( still cant find a clip of that on youtube :( ill keep looking)

I never have other than a smile an a slap on the back from the team, almost sheepish in scoring?

League, Union or 7s, how should it be??
I little celebrations not a bad thing

but if too much and people make then way over the top , its gonna be like kiss-ball ( football ) which isnt a good idea i think
Always used to like the nod of the head that Shaun Edwards did after scoring a try :bravo:

The ones that made me laugh the most though were Briers & Woods for Warrington in a game against Wigan if anyone remembers that game?
Players should be aloud to celebrate how they want to and show there emotion. As long as it's not to over the top.
What about Carlos Spencer giving the Christchurch crowd the finger after scoring a try then kicking it over for the win lol what an egg.
Nah bro it was definately Carlos Spencer because I can remember he ran nearly under the sticks but then to rub it instead of putting it down under the sticks he went out towards the sideline and slowly put it down while about 4-5 of his team mates followed him then gave a big middle finger to the crowd lol.
both did it. carlos did it in canturbury and mertz did it against the sharks i think, in south africa definatly
Well we dont see players whipping out Dummies from their underwear for celebrations....
In the NRL and State Of Origin Games I have seen some gems..

Ten Pin Bowling:
Ten of the players line up as a 10-pin set, with the try scorer rolling to ball into them and they all wobble and fall down.

The rest of the team stand around near each other and the try scorer pretends to rip the pin out of the grenade with his mouth and throws it at the players and they all fall over.

Video Camera:
The try scorer puts the ball up against his head and uses his opposite hand to make a circle motion on the other side of his head as if he is filimg.

Try scorer pretents to peel the ball and throws the peel away at the other players.

Coconut: Try scorer grabs the ball in one hand and pretends other hand is a machete by hitting the ball with straight edge of palm all around the ball and then proceeds to pretend to drink it.

So many entertaining celebrations over the years!
I always liked Greenwoods celebration in 2003 WC v Wales: doing the ref's sigh to go to the video ref

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