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Allright. So in the eastern division we have:

Montreal with 8 points
Hamilton with 6 points
Ottawa with 6 points
Toronto with 4 points

In the western division:

Calgary with 2 points
Winnipeg with 2 points
B.C. with 2 points
Edmonton with 2 points
Saskatchewan with 2 points

So Montreal is currently the only undefeated team in the CFL (yay us), Hamilton QB Danny McManus is top passing leader with 1359 yards
Receiver Geroy Simon from B.C. is receiving leader with 407 yards
Ottawa running back Josh Ranek is rushing leader with 303 yards
And Montreal kicker Matt Kellet is leading the kickers with 35 points.

Some other oustanding players so far this season are Autry Denson, Anthony Calvillo, Ben Cahoon and Craig Yeast.

So who's going all the way? What will be the outcome of the coming Hamilton at Edmonton game?
Yeah running back Autry Denson from Montreal is having a good season. But he has about 119 yards to go before he can beat Josh Ranek.
whats the difference between cfl and nfl????

i know that cfl has bigger ingoals or something
You get a certain number of chances to score like in Rugby League. In NFL, it's 4 chances (called downs) and in CFL it's 3. The CFL field is bigger and there slightly different positions but I'm not sure what the differences are exactly. Also CFL is just better to watch because they get right down to playing the game. NFL takes forever and gives all this publicity ****.
The CFL field is 110 yards (100 metres) and wider too... the time in between plays is only 20 seconds, NFL is 45 I think... there is an extra man on the field as well, and there is a lot more running the CFL, since the field is larger...

A good explanation (apologies about the slow archive.org copy)
Originally posted by incredible_holc@Jul 12 2004, 06:01 PM
i know that cfl has bigger ingoals or something
CFL end zone (in-goal) is 20 yards deep, NFL is 10 yards deep.
That makes it easier to score ONE POINT!!
by punting the ball into the endzone. Toronto's Noel Prefontaine scored two or three points against Hamilton like that. I have to say that Hamilton's receiver Craig Yeast was dissapointing on the kick returns could be partly due to bad blocking too but he's known as one of the fastest and best receivers and kick returners in the league and he definetely didn't show himself that game.
On July 15, the Montreal Alouettes beat the Calgary Stampeders 42-23.

read the story http://cfl.ca/CFL/AroundTheCFL/2004/07/16/544463.html

Autry Denson still showing himself. We better be able to keep him for next year. Not like when we lost running back Mike Pringle to Edmonton. Montreal's defence held well getting four interceptions.
Today July 16, Toronto Argonauts play the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue bombers play the Ottawa Renegades.
The thing that I absolutely hate about CFL ball, is the 1 yard gap between the defensive line and offensive line. It's a pain in the ass either way. Defensive line, the blocker, gets more time to adjust to your positioning. Offensive, you always get fat guys moving like fat shouldn't.
lol. without the one yard gap, things would be alot more messed up and harder for the quarterback. They already get sacked enough.
Actually, they don't with no gap. I play american rules football, and i've player maybe a game of canadian rules. Canadian rules football favors blockers. You get so much time to adjust and line up your assignment it isn't even funny. American rules you just have to hope he goes where you wnat him to. It's a lot more equal for both D and O lineman. And all those sacks you see in the CFL, that's from Safety and Linebackers. In about the three years that I've been watching CFL (on and off) I have yet to see a lineman sack.
Joe Fleming of the Calgary Stampeders and the Saskatchewan D line. Tough stuff.

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