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Well. I'm resurecting the CFL thread to talk about how things are going here in the Canadian Football League.

So here we have nine teams:

Calgary: Absolute garbage, the only player worthy of mention is defensive lineman Joe Fleming with an excellent performance.

Ottawa: Equally garbage, but more probably due to three of their quarterbacks injured. So it's more or less excusable.

Winnipeg: Debatable, but I find defensive lineman Tom Canada worthy of mention and running back Charles Roberts who at 5'6'' shows some fancy footwork on the field and moves the ball. Kick return Keith stokes a dissapointment.

Toronto: Though I hate to admit it, Toronto will give Montreal a run for its money in the division final, Micheal Bishop is a solid quarterback even though he comes through late the season to replace Damon Allen.

Saskatchewan: They beat Montreal fair and square, QB Henry Burris knows what he's doing he's got an all around tough team to work with. Defence holds, Saskatchewan wins.

Edmonton: Bulldozer Mike Pringle is a great runningback, deserves every touchdown. Winston October is an idiot, period. Maas is a great passer, receivers been missing some easy catches though (with the exception of Tucker).

Hamilton: Danny Mcmanus very dissapointing, depend too much on receiver Craig Yeast. One great player right now is RB Troy Davis and he's been keeping them alive.

Montreal: My favourite team, now have two losses in a row but still have the most points in the CFL. QB Calvillo failed to produce in the later stages of the season and I hope he doesn't do the same this year. Autry Denson up and down, he can make a good play once and then a bad one right after. Linebacker Timothy Strickland great on defense, Sanchez is an asshole Montreal should get rid of him right away, let's not forget small Ezra Landry standing at 5'4'' and in my opinion the greatest kick returner the CFL has ever seen taking into consideration his height in relation to his performance.

BC: My second choice to win the Grey Cup, first in the Western Division, this team doesn't really have anyone of extremely high merit, but they hold most first down in the league right now and they obviously know what they're doing.

Montreal will probably win but it will take some work to pull away from the sudden losing streak.


Results from BC versus Montreal: BC won 32-29. Montreal jumped out to a good lead but just couldn't hold on to it. Ezra Landry's performance was sublime (yes I really like this guy). Montreal faces Toronto on Thursday. The way things have been going, it will be very close like last year. I expect that those of us who actually care will be dissapointed in Calvillo's performance. However absolute bottom of the league Calgary pulled off a 29-11 win against Toronto. Huge upset and definitely didn't make toronto look very good. So who knows?

Saskatchewan proves that they'll be in the semi-final this year with a more than convincing 40-16 win over Edmonton. Will be a close match against BC. That's all for now.

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