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I'm pretty sure someone uploaded their profile a while ago and had done most of the challenges only 3 not done. I can't remember but I downloaded it and it unlocked alot of game modes but some were just crap.

guys ive completed everything :bleh!: :Blinky: just cheated to do so :p

William.....how did you cheat? which file did you edit and what did you edit? Please! I hate the Challenge Mode!

hey butchjaems u know the xml files that we were editing for the world league? the rest of the xml files hold the data for the challenges u can edit them and instead of like throw to 3 lineouts change it to score a try or somthing and easily win every challenge!
if u want i can edit the files and make them super easy for u to finish it i can eve nchange what team plays what in the challenge modes too haha :D


soz did i say xml? i mean the .mis files not xml

PC version:

ok the lineout one I had no trouble with. Don't know why it's not working for you.

the run around in-goal area for 3 days or whatever was annoying but doable.

but I just can't do a single 'soccer' kick never mind however many metres they want me to do it for. What's the story with that anyway, I didn't buy bleedin' FIFA...

also I have trouble with sidesteps nor being counted!



@Rockstar - Go by these steps;

1. Go into data.gob and extract all the .mis files into a My Docs folder with BigGui.
2. Go into 08 and write down the challenges you have yet to get platinum or gold with or whatever :D
3. Exit out of 08, then scroll through the .mis files until you get to the game that you want.
4. Then delete from <OBJECTIVES> through to </OBJECTIVES> (inclusive of these two)
5. Now copy and paste this into the vacant space -

<OBJECTIVE stringid="" type="WinGame" mustpass="1">
<PARAMETER name="amount" value="5" />
<OBJECTIVE stringid="" type="Waltz" mustpass="0">
<PARAMETER name="amount" value="1" />
<OBJECTIVE stringid="" type="Waltz" mustpass="0">
<PARAMETER name="amount" value="2" />
<OBJECTIVE stringid="" type="Waltz" mustpass="0">
<PARAMETER name="amount" value="3" />

6. Repeat steps 3,4,5 if you need more games to be treated with the anti-EA cure :p
7. Copy the .mis files into the EA Rugby 08 directory where Rugby08.exe is.
8. Start the game and get High Gravity, Low Gravity, Videos, Broken Tackles, Offload Tackles, Slow Motion, Ball Trace and a few more :)

I dunno if getting all trophies on Elite does anything yet but yea :D


PS : Somewhere in these forums a member had 29 of 38 challenges with platinum. Do a search and you should find it. This acts as a good starting base.

Sorry, this took me an hour. Maybe other people normally have better things to do :blink: :rolleyes:


The anti-Ea cure works perfectly!!!

Scoring a try standing still was making me crazy!!!


How do you upload your profile to the internet? I have all the platinum objectives passed and I edited OZ's roster to my liking...Stats changed..etc.

For the Nz Vs USA game, I set all the USA teams stats to 0, using Woosahs editor. I then changed both the Nz wingers stats to 100. In the top right hand corner of the editor is a box which contains a number i.e: 5, 6, 10 etc. I set that number to 10 (based on B O'Driscoll) and ticked all the checkboxes.

-Before starting the game, set fatigue levels to 0 in the gameplay options menu. That way you dont get tired when trying to outrun everyone.

-During the game, I run back to my own in-goal area (start in one corner)and pass the ball out to the far winger.(on the other end of the field)..

-I then outran everyone staying close to the sideline and then after crossing the tryline - ran to the opposite corner and put the ball down after 5 seconds.

-You need to create a big enough space in between you and the pursuing tacklers, so try and bunch them up in a group(straight towards the goal line-they will follow you in a group). The annoying thing, is that one player always runs directly towards you and dive tackles you as you try to put the ball down. It may take a few practice runs to perfect this challenge.

-If you have created a large enough space between you, all you need to do is release all the gamepad buttons- the player will gradually slow down. Wait for one second, and then press x or the score a try button rapidly before getting tackled from behind.

In the 3 sidestep challenges and offload challenges, you are allowed to pass the ball to another player and perform a sidestep/ offload with a different player/s - as long as the ball doesnt touch the ground, opposition do not touch the ball.


What i don't get is that everyone seems to find the game easy. But the challenge is ludicrously insane difficulty it seems. When you have to edit the player stats to win, that is some serious cheating!

Just a thought.. do any of the files from 06 'work' with the challenges for 08.. the may have the same filename etc, just a different challenge.


<div class='quotemain'> How are you guys doing? You found any bugs?

I have found one, there is Ireland vs Wales and you have to throw to each part of the line out forward, middle, back and catch it. BUT everytime you do just one of these 3 things it just saiys 1 of 3 completed. 3 times now i should hvae had the whole challenge completed but for that unkown reason I cant pass that one.

stupid. [/b]
I have this problem too, it goes "1 out of 3" then "2 out of 3" but never 3 out of 3. Has anyone beat this challenge or can they tell me how to edit my profile so it's beaten? It's so annoying. [/b][/quote]

This one is really annoying me. I've completed it 3 or 4 times, it's said challenge completed, and I have three ticks in the challenge screen. However it only shows a silver medal and platinum is not available.
Think I will follow woosah's example and edit the profile...


the one I don't get is the SA V Aus one, where you have to gain something like 80m by running the ball. What does that exactly mean? I ran the whole pitch with Bryan Habana, and scored, nothing happened. I started a move from my own try line with Habana, passed it down teh line, scored with Fourie. Nothing happened. No idea what it wants me to do.


i gave up on the challenges but isn't there one with aus that you have to get a drop goal witha halfback?
i couldn't work that one out.


I have managed to do all the challenges without cheating except for one platinum one (scoring twice while standing still + dropgoals in 20 min)

to drop goal with the half back just wait untill there is a gap next to a ruck and run as half back then run away from defenders and turn and drop kick the goal. Once you get it its easy. Start the ruck on the 22m and use forwards to hit it up andtil a gap appears.

to Score standing still, Chip kick from the back of a ruck near the goal line, if it bounces often the oppostion dive and miss and the winger can pick it up while the nearest defenders are on the ground. I did it three times in one match but missed the drop goals to pass the platinum objective.


<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (woosaah @ Sep 3 2007, 06:59 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
i cheated in the challenge mode, i edited my profile to see if it would give me any rewards, it gave me two but thats it :( i am not sure if it was meant to give me more but i am not worried :)[/b]

How did you do that? Is there a tutorial?


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If you install MUP then the challenges are all completed


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