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Changes at the top


St Helens RLFC


Please note that I am using this post to advise you of a bit of a change at the top of the tree here at TRF. As you might have noticed, my partner Charlie (getofmeland) has been a bit quiet lately due to a number of things going on behind his scenes.

This is now going to be a full time measure. getofmeland has decided that he wants to be a silent partner of TRF and will not be part of the staff team for the foreseeable future. He has relinquished his admin and mod powers and transferred full control of the board to myself. Please allow me to stress that he is still 50% owner, but he is taking a very back seat role and the day to day running of the board has been left to me.

I want to thank Charlie personally for all he has done for TRF. He has technologically sent this place into a whole new era. This board is unrecognisable from the one he first set eyes on when we both took over. You all owe him a debt of gratitude just as much as myself.

getofmeland is going to have a lengthily hiatus and come back to us when he has made a decision on his future. However, until then, I need you, TRF, to unite behind me.

I have done you good before - help me do good for you again.

Thanks Charlie,



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