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Changing Difficulty



Is there anyway I can change the difficulty in World League?

I set the difficulty to Pro because I had to use those default players but now I got a job offer from the Sharks and now it is waaay too easy because i have the likes of Russel, Mongomery, etc.
nope......bro the whole challenge is to start from nothing and build ya team..
Who has actually chnaged teams yet? Every job offer I get, I always decline as I feel better building the team up from scratch. Plus, moving up a divison means you can't get the division you are in, unless you get relegated...
I never took any job offers and I wish I took an opspreys one, but I would have been promoted with Edinburgh so I declined. The offers always seem like a waste.

ive switched from the chiefs to the waratahs for now...in my 5th year,ive made chiefs the best now im running the tahs...ive carved up teams with rocky elsom running through

hey..you cant get any offers from clubs outside ur division???...im wondering i want to get my blues team up n running
I switched once, and declined about 5 or 6 offers.
I switched from the chiefs to Worcester after two seasons and have taken worcester to the elite league. Iam 6 seasons into franchise thus far. I was hanging out for the canes job but didnt get that opportunity, I did turn down the crusaders though.
Its quite good, when you change teams quite often your original team is packed with good players you signed, so they seem to follow you up divisions its a bit like a rival type feature.

Question: when you trade a player you rarely seem to get a chance to resign him, when I took on the worcester job i wanted to sign a few players i dropped from the chiefs and they have still not appeared on the transfer market. Anyone know what determines whether or not a player is interested in signing with your club? Ive won three division ***les came second three times and have moved from third division to elite and still there are a number of players that do not appear on the transfer market. Nonu, mccaw, Berger, carter etc- come to think of it i haven't had one star player interested in signing with me.

My Team

O Du Rant
J Paul
J Hayes
S Murray
C Jack
D Braid
M Holah
J Collins
B Kelleher
E Flatley
R Caucaunibuka
M Turinui
A Mauger
R Gear
T Delport

Some of my subs I use reguarly

A Tuitavake (i take off flatley and move mauger to first five when i bring him in)
R Filipo
T Woodcock
J Hylton (A very good winger that is relatively cheap)
S Honneck (Took him with me when i left the cheifs)
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@Apr 10 2006, 02:23 AM
hey..you cant get any offers from clubs outside ur division???...im wondering i want to get my blues team up n running

Yes you can, it seems to be varied though, I got an offer from toulouse (excuse spelling) who were elite when i was in div two, and crusaders who were in elite when i was div one.

It seems to be completely random from what i can tell, one of my mates also said the same thing as you.
oh thats cool!!!!...coz i got 3 offers in a row from the teams in my own division

i want to get in the 2nd div atleast and start again with new players

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