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ive just got a few vcd movies off a mate and tried to watch them in media player. only the sound comes up and it says i need a codec.

What is a codec and where can i download one?

Originally posted by bippy@Feb 18 2005, 10:34 PM
i got em from a mate

sorry just joking...if i could i would..just google around u mite find something...by the way wut you watching?
Nice choice, u'll enjoy them!!

If u try opening with windows media player, It may ask u if it can download a codec to play it. Not all the time it can find the codec needed though!
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Bippy, you should come right at divx but it is also worthyour while to try and download the ace mega codecs pack. That usually can play anything... dunno where to find it on the net, but it shouldn't be too hard...
my mate gave me divx and a nimo codec pack, it works now . thanx guys use are champs
nimo codec pack cause all sorts of **** with other codecs, so if something else dont play, bifff nimo

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