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Collaboration Contest


Goth Power

How about a collaboration contest?

I am up for it.

Each contender will have a certain amount of time to produce a piece of music, and to upload it on here.

Then the contenders who have brought material to the contest will then be placed in a poll which all TRF members can then pick a winner.

An example of a collaboration can be heard from my signature, its just a demo/example so don't bash it too much.

Sign up in this thread if you are interested and you think you have what it takes.

The musical choice can be of any genre you wish to replicate, as it will be nice to add some variety to the competition.

Final entries must be submitted before the 30th of October.

DATE CHANGE: Final Entries to be made by the 5th November
Like I said you can create any genre of music, whether its RnB, rap, or whatever as long as its your own material.

For my entry, I will be working with another person and will be a joint effort..

You may work with another member, or on your own its up to you...

Come on we need more entries...I'm looking at you Umosay :p

Give it a go, what can you lose...


1. Goth Power & DofS (Unregistered/had problems registering)
2. O'Rothlain
3. LizzyKiller (Unregistered/had problems registering)
They said they didn't recieve their TRF e-mail.

Aswell as some notification not showing up or something.
Uhm, well, I owne the only origional copy of it, as it's not for sale or download, and it's my voice singing, doing the oldschool beatboxing and me playing the guitar as both rythm and bass. So, yes, I guess I can prove it. Plus, my name is Nate Rowlan and the band is called The Nate Rowlan Project, and there is only one member in the band...me, Nate Rowlan. Plus, who else is cool enough to write the greatest song ever but me? Thank you for liking it. It has given pleasure to many people (especially some women in Mexico...go figure, Thanks Myspace!).
Well, I'm just a simple drummer boy, so I'm out.... I would show you guys the originals band I'm in when I get a copy of a recording, but I'm a wee bit ashamed. It's a little emo... But as I say, I'm just the drummer boy so meh, what do I care.
You could lay down a funky beat of your own and try a little rapping ala Vanilla Ice?!
OK guys, not long to go till deadline date.

Not long finished with my piece.

5th October is the deadline which will be followed by a poll to decide winner.

Could do with some more contestants.
Okay all songs/collab's are to be entered into a poll very shortly which will give TRF members a week to vote their winner.

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