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Complete and Utter Bull****


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Jul 9, 2007
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Went to check out the old standings today, how in Christ's name is Olyy (a notorious loser) the top poster in this joint? ('cept for Charlie, the cheating swine)


Spot of Repmania anyone?


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Every single one of sigesige00's positiive ratings come from cmac.

sige is in 59th place.
Is there any chance we'll ever be able to get back the functionality where you could see who's given other users rep?
Is there any chance we'll ever be able to get back the functionality where you could see who's given other users rep?

I have it as a mod, though I'm only able to see the last 10 or so reputation messages a certain user has been given.
What I'd give for that.

I dunno, probably some rep points...
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Petition to ban ratsapprentice. Sign via repping me.

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