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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Canadian_Rugby_Guy, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. So I just got this compression shirt the same kind of thing that Matt Giteau wore against england I think it was with the Canterbury of NZ logo on one of the sleeves, pretty cheap at 30$ considering I could get under armour (same thing) at 70$. So this thing is supposed to keep reasonably comfortable as you play because it soaks up the sweat, keeping you reasonably cool in the summer, and fairly warm in fall or spring. So i've yet to try it out at practice, except I did go kicking wearing this thing under my jersey, and it really was alright. It also looks pretty good. [​IMG] so any of you people considering getting one or already do?
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  3. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    I am goin to get sum compression shorts for this season - under armour or somethin like that.
  4. diddy

    diddy Guest

    [​IMG] I have used the underarmour for a good little while and thoroughly endorse its benefits, apart from when your playing shirt is tight. You need ventilation beneath the overshirt to allow this stuff to work. Loose and short sleeve shirts definitely make the most of the advantage these undershirts give you.

    Durable as well, as often get a good raking as I play openside.

    Recently played for grimsby against niagara wasps whilst over on holiday.

    I found canadian rugby needs to just steady down a bit and ignore the 'american football approach.

  5. im a big fan of underarmour
  6. compression shirts, body armor, head gear, tiger balm, mouth gaurds. when i was a kid, we went out in nothing but shorts and long metal spigs. kids these day - wouldnt last 5 min in the real world of rugby

    [/old man]
  7. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Call me a wimp if you want, but I'm wearing a mouthguard. The rest of it is nice to have stuff. I like the compression shorts actually.
  8. na i was just being a dick, im a lock, so i wear spandex from stoping things falling out, and head gear. in my first scrum session, then i was on my way home i was like, gezz, my ears are burning, i think i better wear head gear. bloody ****** off at the price though.

    oh and your a wimp! [​IMG]


    Definately playing rugby in CANADA has been a huge change from playing in the South Pacific.I find wearing a compression shirts helps EARLY because around september it starts to get cold.I have gotten use to it here though.It was too cold to begin with so the compression shirt helped just a bit to keep the muscles warm.
  10. M-Time

    M-Time Guest

    Skins increase your performance, supposedly.


    Endorsed by players such as Lote Tuqiri, Jonathan Brown and Brett Lee.


    Well you can shave or WAX your whole body lol to become more aerodynamic,or wear a suit like the one you just showed.Hair can supposedly get caught in the air therefor slowing you down.With the suit air will just slide right off of you.If you guys notice Sprinters WAX or SHAVE.
  12. Gavin Henson shaves/waxes his legs. Do you really want to be associated with him?


    i think alot of rugby players shave their legs,especially the wingers LOl it gives just the extra split sec LOL.

    The socks cover the SMOOTHNESS from rubbing against you ahaha,belive it or not but most islanders shave/wax their legs.
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