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What is a fair price for a team signed New Zealand 2017 Rugby shirt?


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Oct 12, 2020

a friend has a team signed 2017 New Zealand Rugby shirt (see the picture). He want to sell this shirt and asked if I am interested. What is a fair price for this shirt? There are a few on eBay for around £ 500.00. But this seems a bit high.

Thank you in advance for helpful answers. s-l1600 (21).jpg
i dont know how to judge "fair" when it comes to something like this other than checking how much other are going for

do you actually want it? its not like it was a RWC year or the centenary jersey or anything
Probably the same as a signed lions shirt if the same time, if you need a bigger sample size.
is that the actual shirt? shouldn't the 2017 one have the shield around the fern?

£300 is probably fair value. If your friend wants more money then put it in a charity or cancer auction where people tend to gift more money for things.

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