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    Just thought it would be good to have a thread with some of the great rugby league teams throughout the years.

    This can be then used by members to create their own "best of' or "classic" sides (ala Madden) once the game arrives next month.

    If you can also put in bold type the players that have their commentary name present, then that would be helpful as well.

    Heres a couple of mine to maybe get this started..........


    Announcement: June 20, 2001
    Selectors: John McIntyre, Don Furner, Wayne Bennett and Tim Sheens

    1: Gary Belcher (1986-93) - Games: 148 (69t, 148g, 572pts).
    2: John Ferguson (1986-90) - Games: 94 (50t, 200pts).
    3: Mal Meninga [c] (1986-94) - Games: 166 (74t, 283g, 2dg, 864pts).
    4: Peter Jackson (1987-88) - Games: 43 (15t, 6g, 72pts).
    5: Brett Mullins (1991-00) - Games: 183 (105t, 420pts).
    6: Laurie Daley (1987-00) - Games: 244 (87t, 44g, 9dg, 445pts).
    7: Ricky Stuart (1988-98) - Games: 203 (39t, 7g, 25dg).
    13: Bradley Clyde (1988-98) - Games: 178 (39t, 156pts).
    12: David Furner (1992-00) - Games: 200 (49t, 511g, 1,218pts).
    *11: Jason Croker (1991-01) - Games: 215 (101t, 404pts).
    10: Glenn Lazarus (1987-91) - Games: 92 (10t, 40pts).
    9: Steve Walters (1986-96) - Games: 228 (42t, 168pts).
    8: David Grant (1982-85) - Games: 75 (9t, 32pts).

    Former coaches Don Furner, Wayne Bennett and Tim Sheens along with the Raiders first secretary John McIntyre selected the best ever side to celebrate Canberra's 20th anniversary.

    * Croker's stats updated until the end of the 2001 season, not at the announcement of the team.

    Also for a possible bench: Todd, Nagas, Lomax, Pongia, Nadruku, Backo, Wiki.

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)

    Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles grand final team, 1996

    Matthew Ridge
    Danny Moore
    Craig Innes
    Terry Hill
    John Hopoate
    Nik Kosef
    Geoff Toovey ©
    David Gillespie
    Jim Serdaris
    Mark Carroll
    Steve Menzies
    Daniel Gartner
    Owen Cunningham.
    Interchange: Cliff Lyons, Neil Tierney, Craig Hancock, Des Hasler.

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)

    Coach: Bob Fulton.

    Sydney Bulldogs(Canterbury) grand final team, 1995.

    Rod Silva
    Jason Williams
    John Timu
    Matthew Ryan
    Daryl Halligan
    Terry Lamb©
    Craig Polla-Mounter
    Jim Dymock
    Simon Gillies
    Steven Price
    Dean Pay
    Jason Hetherington
    Darren Britt

    Jason Smith
    Glen Hughes
    Mitch Newton

    Coach: Chris Anderson

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)
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  3. NZL Fan

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    Parramatta 1983 grand final team

    Paul Taylor
    David Liddiard
    Mick Cronin
    Steve Ella
    Eric Grothe
    Brett Kenny
    Peter Sterling
    Ray Price
    Steve Sharp
    Peter Wynn
    Paul Mares
    Steve Edge©

    Don Duffy
    Chris Phelan
    Mark Laurie
    Gary Martine

    Coach: Jack Gibson

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)

    Brisbane Broncos 1998 grand final team

    S. Renouf,
    A.Langer ©,
    Interchange: J.Plath, M.Hancock, K.Campion, P.Civoniceva.

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)

    Melbourne Storm grand final team 1999

    G.Lazarus ©,

    Interchange: M.Rua, R.Bawden, D.Williams, B.Roarty.

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)

    Newcastle Knights 2001 grand final team

    R. O'Davis,
    T. Tahu,
    M. Gidley,
    M. Hughes,
    A. MacDougall,
    S. Rudder,
    A. Johns ©,
    J. Perry,
    D. Buderus,
    M. Parsons,
    S. Simpson,
    B. Kennedy,
    B. Peden.

    Interchange: P. Marquet, C. O'Brien, G. Grief, D. Abraham

    (commentary names available in RL2 highlighted in bold)
  4. wigan_rlfc

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    1994 Wigan Challenge Cup Final team:

    1. G. Connolly
    2. V. Tuigamala
    3. D. Bell ©
    4. B-J Mather
    5. M. Offiah
    6. F. Botica
    7. S. Edwards
    8. K. Skerrett
    9. M. Dermott
    10.A. Platt
    11.D. Betts
    12.A. Farrell
    13.P. Clarke
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