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  1. one of the cool things about sjrl was the amount of options availiable for afirst timer in the game world....create a player,create teams,throw them in comps much too edit

    it had more depth i think then other rugger games to date...

    the thing i didnt like was editing the teams which took an age(putting players in there position and such)

    create a player was cool something annoying was the name editor which took hours [​IMG]

    to edit tournaments to your liking was da BOMB,and throw in your own cups and such.....

    anyone would like to add their loose change?

    ill drop my rugby team that im gonna create on league soon
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  3. ok this is my team im gonna create....i created the all blacks on sjrl and they destroyed everyone

    4.tuquri [​IMG]
    13.umaga-el capitan

    15.sooialo(utility forward)
    17.carter(utility back-halfback/hooker/play maker mostly)

    there it is [​IMG]
  4. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    That proves it... Union is better than League [​IMG]
  5. oh diffinetly [​IMG] ....also created the abs on madden05 and guess what....same result [​IMG]
  6. Good lord, Chiro, how long did that take to create the AB's in Madden?
  7. a couple of days.... [​IMG]

    i just created the superstars of the team-
    rokocoko/howlett/caucau? [​IMG] -wide recievers
    spencer-qb(perfect scrambler)
    big jonah-running back
    luaki-tight end [​IMG] (i wish he was an allblack)
    richie mccaw-mlb/jerry collins-rolb
    tana at safety

    the rest were all islanders from other teams [​IMG]
    seau,tuiasosopo,fuamata,tanoisamoa etc
  8. also kees meeuws on d-end and mealamu at fullback
    and chris jack(who is playing shite for the crusaderz at the moment)on the o-line..i think guard he is.....theres heaps of wide recievers ive created...sivivatu,gear etc

    also my warriors team [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i think i should update while waiting for Rugger05 [​IMG]
  9. yeah, i love it how its got all the stats (tackles and that) in the leagues aswell... the only thing i dont like about creating a team, is that im watching the league, and there is a awesome player, and im like, yup im going to get him in my team, but i never remember the position they play in. hell i had paleasena playing in center for a while [​IMG]
  10. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    One improvement in the editor could be a full alphabet chart / menu thing to chose from rather that scrolling up a..b..c..etc the A...B...C. Some of the islander names took 2hours to make.
  11. break [​IMG] ...cont.-....c.....a....toilet....u...
    sigh of relief......halfway there-.....n....i.....b.....grassgrows/wind blows.......u.....birds whisltling/sun rises.....c......a

    [​IMG] ...had the same problem mate
  12. dtwelvenz

    dtwelvenz Guest

    that is pretty dedicated chiro
  13. If your getting polynesians you should get Polumalu as well then Toniu Fonoti from the chargers...
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