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Created player stamina



Hey just a quick question for anyone who has created a player. Iv created a couple of people for my teams and i was just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the stamina of created players draining really quickly i finished a match earlier and when i checked all my players were on around 75-80 stamina except the two created players who were on 27 and 33.
any help would be appricated
Yeah i created sivivatu so i could use him for NZ and he got knackered after one try, so i was always bringing Rokocoko on.

Sort it out EA

anyone have any idea on how to get round this?? or is a case of just cope with it cos EA suck.
Yep , in game options , you can reduce player fatigue ( as with injuries and knock ons ) .I'm using it at the moment with the fatigue right down low and it seems to work OK

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