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Delasau fails drug test



Delasau has failed a drug test and was suspended for 2 provincal games. one of those was the canterbury shield defence and the other will be this weekends game against southland.

Fijian winger Vilimoni Delasau has been warned, reprimanded and fined $500 by a New Zealand Rugby Union Judicial Committee after failing a drug test.

The NZRU was advised of the positive test on August 3 and, as a result, Delasau was provisionally suspended until Friday's hearing meaning that he had missed one match for his Canterbury provincial side and was unavailable for selection this weekend.
lol "crack" up

hahahaa....its weed im sure,my mate used to go church with rupeni in sth auckland when he was here...and before church had the red eye syndrome lol with his cousins hahahaha
ah true chiro maybe that explains why rupeni was such a bad trainner and had bad fitness. whats $500 going to do to delasau hes proabbly on something quite good since he plays in the super 12.
i doubt it...hes in the lower ranks..he wud get alot of good cash no doubt! but also the canterbury rugby union has hooked em up with a sweet as job!...toilet cleaning...
well its proabbly nothing like the man carter but still its proabbly better than most get paid. Is toilet cleaning such a good job for him though since he has a fanciation with a certian substance... nobody around to watch him just whips it out quitely and ... and i thought they wanted the place clean not worse than what it was before

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